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A year’s lineup should be judge on genre and i.P Variety.

Note: “I will be focusing on exclusive game lineup”

This is one of my favorite topics to discuss when it comes to talking about Nintendo switch, though unfortunately it is also one of my least favorite topics to discuss because of the amount of controversy it creates. everyone has a different opinion on what makes a lineup good or bad however I do believe there is a middle ground that we can all look up to and think well this is probably a good lineup. I argue firmly that a lineup should be judge based on genre and i.P variety more than anything.

Many people make the mistake of associating how good a lineup is based on their personal preferences alone, they think that if out of the year’s lineup they personally only care about 3 games, that makes that lineup bad. There are millions of people who play video games all with different tastes and opinions. A lineup doesn’t have to appeal only to you, a game you don’t care about is a game that most likely somebody else cares about, we shouldn’t judge a lineup based on how many games appeal to US specifically, but based on the amount of crowds it is pleasing. Therefore on the genre and i.p variety. There’s also this notion that if a game is console exclusive (which means it comes to Switch and PC but not other consoles) or only timed exclusive to Switch the lineup loses value, in that sentence I argue that any amount of exclusivity is valuable, sometimes timed exclusives make sense, a game’s effect is only pulled so strongly in the beginning, so after a while even if it comes to other consoles or PC, it won’t be as exciting. The hype of the moment was when the game came out and it first came out on Switch giving the lineup of the year value and Even if the game is coming to PC later on as a console exclusive like Deamon X Machina did and MH Rise will, the game is still only available on Switch for a while and the only gaming console you can play it on, continues to be Switch, therefore the value is still there.

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Another common comment I see people make when bashing at a lineup is usually referring to the fact that a number of games don’t count because they aren’t considered “Big titles” if it’s not a big franchise it doesn’t count to them, and to that I say that just because a game isn’t a huge seller, doesn’t mean it’s not there. A game is only as niche as people allow it to be. Any moment now, the Xenoblade games could start selling 5 million copies+ and the franchise would no longer be considered niche.

Another thing I see people point out is that there’s supposed to be a schedule for game releases… my opinion on that front is that it’s just not possible. Video Games take time to make, it doesn’t matter how much money these companies have, video games are developed by human beings, they take time to make, patience and a lot of trial and error, so getting a mayor title every month just isn’t feasible IMO.

At the end of the day my point is that a year lineup shouldn’t be judge upon any of these things but on how many different kinds of people the company is pleasing. Weather you’re an RPG fan or an action adventure guy or a multiplayer fellow the important thing is that there is something for you to play. Pleasing the most crowds should be any company’s goal in the end and should ultimately be what we primarily judge a lineup on.

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