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AC Odyssey – A fun game with many problems

I am a big fan of the AC series. Almost every single entry into the franchise I’ve enjoyed immensely, the main exception being Odyssey. In my first hours playing this game, I was enjoying myself. The story seemed intriguing, the gameplay seemed enjoyable enough, but then I hit a wall. After you’ve played Odyssey for a while, which you need to to finish the game, you’ll realize the game gets surprisingly repetitive. I found myself being forced to do the same fetch quests or being forced to clear out more bandit camps. In some games, this isn’t a problem, but in Odyssey, I think it is. Here’s Why:

The Story

Without spoiling anything, I can tell you this is a relatively generic story about a greek mercenary who attempts to reunite his family. The modern day plot, which I didn’t enjoy, follows Layla Hassan just like in Origins. The story is predictable, and the acting is mostly lacklustre. The dialogue choices Odyssey pushed so much end up having no real impact other than what short ending cutscene you have and what lieutenants you get for your ship. Also, might I mention this game has ASSASSINS Creed in the title, despite this game taking place almost 400 years before the Origin story of the Assassins. Story 4/10

The Gameplay

The best way to describe Odyssey’s combat is tedious and unrealistic. All enemies, are complete damage sponges. I would say they might not be when you get to a higher level, but for whatever reason Ubisoft made level scaling mandated. Also, they for some reason removed the shield from Origins even though Spartans often used shields? On the unrealistic topic, this game for whatever reason makes you a demigod. There’s literally one ability where you throw your spear and teleport to it. Also, don’t try to tell me this is because the Spear of Leonidas is an Isu Weapon, because that’s not how pieces of eden work as evident in the earlier games. The skill tree is a definite improvement over Origins, so I’ll give it that at least. Also, the armour customization is fun and it gives you lots of options. Gameplay 5/10

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Open World

There are so many good things about this game’s world, but at the same time so many bad things. My main complaint, surprisingly, is that it’s too big. Travelling from point to point is exhausting and there’s not really any interesting things to do in the world, other than checklist objective copy-pasted bandit camps and the occasional fort. The open world is extremely beautiful though. Open World 5/10

Naval Combat

I knew that the Naval Combat in Odyssey wouldn’t impress me. After coming from Black Flag, Odyssey’s ship combat feels shallow and easy. Gone are the mortars, chain shot, fire barrels, and they’re replaced with simply Cannons and Javelins, as well as a flamethrower if you buy the DLC, but I’ll touch on DLC in a moment. The Naval Combat never truly felt fun to me in this game. Naval Combat 3/10


If you’ve yet to play the DLC, this might spoil some things, so be warned.

Legacy of the First Blade

In all honesty, I think Ubisoft shoehorned this into Odyssey so they could go, see hidden blade, its an Assassin’s Creed game. I think they disrespected Darius who was made to seem like a really cool character in the previous games, because they really didn’t make his character that interesting. This DLC has you killing members of the Order of the Ancients (You have to buy a DLC to even have a mention of the former Templars) A problem many people had with this game is that it forced you into a heterosexual relationship with a man/woman even though this game originally advertised as having full control of your character. SPOILERS AHEAD! Long story short, your significant other ends up dying which had no effect on me due to the character not having any good development or anything to make you resinate with them whatsoever. I won’t go into too much detail but the ending sees the child you have with this significant other of yours going with Darius to Egypt. My first problem with this, they show the Pyramids of Giza being built… 2000 YEARS AFTER THEY WERE BUILT. Second thing, the child grows up to be Aya??? This is a massive plot hole because Aya doesn’t react to the piece of Eden in Origins even though she’d have an extremely high concentration of Isu Blood.

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Anyways, those are my main problems with AC Odyssey! This has taken a while to write so I might edit in my take on the Fate of Atlantis DLC later. Feel free to disagree in the comments, constructive criticism helps me grow! Thanks for reading!


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