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Advice for a beginner in console gaming

So I am old and I never ever played with a console. I always wanted one but my life was just too busy and there were always better things to do. Too many concerts, parties, exhibitions and movies to go to. Plus no one in my social circle ever had one. But now with the pandemic I saw my chance to get one, so I bought a PS4 – finally!

So I played the usual games that are good for beginners – Journey (love), Flower, Edith Finch and a few others. I figured out that I don't like platformers, hate anime (I am old and I am a woman and that genre tends to be too sexist often for my liking).

So now that I know what I like and what I dont like in a game I made a few purchases – Fallout 4, Far Cry Primal and AC Origins. And now I am overwhelmed – I love the look and the promises of Fallout 4 for example and the fact I can play as a female character, but all the symbols, the navigation, everything is just overwhelming. For example I have no idea what to do with the work bench (?). Or AC Origins – I love the world but I am completely overwhelmed with the controls and again all the symbols it shows me on the compass. How am I supposed to know what they mean? Hahaha – I feel really pathetic. LetsPlays don't help with that, and guides are also not for completely stupid people like me. So what do I do that I don't feel so overwhelmed and close the game after an hour or so? I know that I will love them but how do I get the hang without friends who can explain/help?

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Sorry for my english – not a native speaker and sorry for my complete and utter naivity and unknowingness haha.

EDIT: Wow you have been all so very helpful! I learned a lot:

  1. I did the jump from relatively easy games like Journey, Detroit become human etc to huge open world games too fast – no wonder I am overwhelmed. I think this is one part of my problem, thanx for showing me! Plus – I have to find a gamer friend hahaha : )

  2. I am not stupid, even experienced gamers have often difficulties when starting a whole new game.

  3. Still not stupid because – and that was my enlightning – I don't speak the language of video games because I never played before and no one in my social circle does so I have to figure out everything on my own and that is not easy. The video u/Zalindras and u/3ACK_ recommended to me was eyeopening! That is exactly me and how I am trying tro figure out whats going on. It made me laugh so hard and was very interesting. For those of you who are interested:

So thank you all very much – I will fight my way through it and am excited that there is a whole new unknown world of entertainment and art waiting for me!


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