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Advice needed about jumping back into gaming

Content of the article: "Advice needed about jumping back into gaming"

Hi all, wasn’t sure where to post this, but this is my favorite gaming sub so I feel I’ll get the best help here, sorry if this isn’t allowed.

I’ve pretty much stopped gaming over the past 5 years. I left university and got a job, moved into my own house, fell in love and my gaming essentially stopped, aside from a few purchases on my PS4 (Witcher 3, amazing game). Unfortunately I’m in the middle of a bad breakup and the situation is that I’m soon going to be living alone for the first time in my life and I’m pretty cut up about it. I’m not used to being on my own and I’ve had a thought that getting back into gaming might be one way of helping keeping me on the straight and narrow.

With the new consoles coming out, I’m at a bit of a crossroads of what direction to take. Do I get a console like I always have? I enjoy sitting back on the couch and getting stuck into a game. I used to have a group of friends and we would play online together, but I’m not longer involved with them. I don’t actually have anyone to game with, which is pretty sad. I used to enjoy my sports games and FPS’s, but without people to talk with and play with, I think I’d get pretty bored quickly. I need games that I can get immersed in and get hooked on. I’m thinking I could buy a PC, something I have never done. I’m interested in playing some old games I used to enjoy, like age of empires and age of mythology, but it seems like a lot of money just for a bit of nostalgia. I do have a 7 year old Mac, but as you all know it’s pretty shit for gaming and the fan sounds like it’s going to explode just playing a flash game..

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Any advice on what direction to take? Specs aren’t really important to me, I don’t want to play competitively or anything like that. I just like getting immersed and killing time. I don’t want to just stick to the PS4, I feel like I need something new to spring a bit of life into gaming again. I do like strategy games, perhaps that a plus point for PCs?

Sorry to ramble on, but I am pretty stuck and could do with a bit of advice. I’m anxious about making the wrong decision and regretting it, I don’t have money to burn. Thanks all!


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