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Advice on GTA SERIES as a Huge Fan from Day 1

Content of the article: "Advice on GTA SERIES as a Huge Fan from Day 1"

Im 42 so i was just early 20's when GTA 3 had exploded onto the market. I briefly played the GTA 1 and 2 but mainly skipped them. I was an OG xbox guy from launch though so 3 came to us later. By the time it did, Vice City had launched too so i focused on it and barely touched 3. Meanwhile its late 2003 and i finally finished the storyline on VC but didnt 100% the game. Then San Andreas came out for og xbox. Well i loved it but then real life hit. I was having financial issues and wife was preggo. I got to about 60% story completed then never finished it embarrassingly.

Recently this summer in 2020 i started playing SA from scratch on the crappy emulated version on my xbox one. Its fine though as long as you save lots, (ignore the reviews imo as they are a bit exaggerated. ) I am proud to say slowly but surely im completing it, along with side missions etc. GTA 4 was the first one where i dove deep and completed the entire story mission quite quickly since VC. And GTA 5 i completed the storyline over the course of 6 months. I didnt go back to get the alternate endings though etc. Do people consider things like that a gaming sin? I've watched videos about the alternate endimgs though too.

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So my questions: If i start playing the series again from scratch should i play 3 and VC and SA on my og xbox? I have a modded og xbox with the enhanced HDMI upscaler to use on bigger flat screen tvs btw. I think they play on 360 too with og xbox discs? Or with SA in particular should i play the crummy remastered version with achievements or go back and play the original on my xbox? I am currently about 40% completed storyline on 360 remaster. However one thing about the remastered SA that i do hate is it glitch where barely any police ever bother you when you commit any crimes and ambulances and fire engines are non existent too due to a fuck up by rockstar with 16/9 screen draw rates when they remastered it to accommodate flat screen tvs from what i read. So thats one downside to the remaster. Once i finish those 3 i may go back and complete 4 and 5 again mainly to try to get all single player achievements too. Thoughts and advice for which consoles etc? And did i make a mistake not trying all the alternate endings for 5?

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