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After 6 years of intense patient gmaing, I’m looking forward to new games

Hi everyone.

I play video games since I'm three years old. My first game was Super Mario 64. I played games on the GBA, Gamecube, DS, Wii, Xbox 360 and PC.

I bought a PC in 2014 because the new gen aka PS4/One didn't appealed to me that much. As I owned a PC, the number of game available for me exploded. Also, I was growing up, and I was able to buy games on my own, without waiting for my parents to buy me something.

So in 2015, I started patient gaming (without knowing it was a thing). I had a balance between old and new games (new games were mostly multiplayer because I have a group of friends that I met on the Xbox 360 and I still play with them 10 years after).

Anyway, I played approximately 200 games on my PC since 2014. I keep a list of all games I've played in my life. I played 340 games in 21 years. So basically, I played 60% of them in the 7 last years, and I played the other 40% between 2000 and 2014.

On those 200 games, only 32 games were not completed.

These numbers are just here to show how much I've played. I completed a lot of games, a lot of classic games, some less classic, indies, etc… I had much time because I was a student and I had a lot of free time for myself.

But now, I have a job. I clearly have less time to play video games (I'm single with no children tho, so I still have a lot of time). I feel like I have no time to loose, I want to play games I REALLY want to play.

It's like I have come to a point in my "gaming career" where I'm not really into digging in old games anymore. I have practically played everything that appealed to me, games that I couldn't play when they came out. I even replay games that I already completed. I don't usually replay because I was always looking forward to a new experience, but it's not the case anymore.

It is really a weird feeling. I'm actually waiting for games to come out. It's the opposite of what I was doing during those last 6 years. Honestly, I'm pretty hyped for what was announced during last E3. I bought the last Monster Hunter day-one and it was great. I think I'm going to buy the new JRPG from the same franchise that came out recently.

Does this mean I will never be a patient gamer anymore ? Of course no. I still have many games in my to-do list such as FFIX, Persona 5 (I'm just waiting for a Switch or PC port lmao), Gravity Rush, Yakuza, Tales of, Majora's Mask and more. It's just that I'm not as motivated as before to play them because I'm looking forward to newer games. Those games don't appeal to me as much as games I have already played.

I'm not bored, video games is my passion and I don't think it was better before blablabla. I think I just need to find a new balance between old and new games, and maybe, instead of playing a lot of old titles between new releases, I should sit back a bit.

Sorry for telling you my life, but I just need to talk and discuss about it with other patient gamers.

TL;DR : I have played so many games that I wanted to play, and as result, I'm looking forward to newer games and experiences rather than focusing on patient gaming.

Sorry if my English is bad sometimes.


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