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After months I still keep thinking about The Last of Us 2, but not in a good way

TLOU2 was the only game I bought on release last year, I wasn't a big fan of the first one, but could see why people loved it, so I had no hype for the second part. But my podcasters of reference kept talking of how great and better it was so I took the bait. Now I wish they gave me my 70€ back.

The visuals are sublime, everything looks stunning. Gameplay is an evolution of the first game and it plays exactly how it should play for this type of game. The only issue I could find is that what you do during the first hours it's exactly the same you do all game, but it's not a major issue, gameplay is very enjoyable.

But this game, in my opinion, is as good as it's story. So 10/10 visuals, 9,5/10 gameplay and 7/10 writing makes it a 7/10 game.

I'm mostly okay with the overall plot. The redemption arc and message of the game are okay, nothing fancy, but I've seen worse. But the writing and pacing are all over the place. From characters behaving totally out of character just to fit the script, to making the message so painfully obvious that it takes you out of the story.

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Most secondary characters have lackluster introductions, followed by a very dramatic death that looks like you're supposed to care, but that guy had like 30 seconds of camera, I don't know anything about them, why should I care about their death?

Other plots or characters, are presented like something you should pay attention, something tha will have importance along the way, but the game ends and they never appear again. Like some random cult appears out of nowhere and had a lot of presence but if you remove it completely from the game nothing changes.

The pacing is repetitive to exhaustion, nothing feels similar to a day in Seattle than another day in Seattle. Doesn't matter who you're playing: progress through the city, a small climax, a flashback and repeat.

They make Ellie and Tommy look like puppets with zero internal coherence just for the sake of keep the plot going. Abby despite being a great addition they try too hard to make her redemption arc, everything is sooo obvious. Why don't you directly put in the subtitles how am I supposed to feel so I can turn my brain completely off? Maybe it's just me that hates to be told how am I supposed to think, but it really triggered me how obvious the everything was.

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Surprisingly the two biggest complaints of the game weren't an issue for me. Joel had it coming. If you ask 10 persons after the first one what could be the plot of the second, 8 will tell you somethig along the lines of what happens, so no big surprise. The other aspect heavily critized was the agenda of the game, which for me wasn't invasive at all and didn't interfer with the plot. Maybe if you're a fascist homophobic racist you get triggered by it, but I had no issue with it.

I always think about The Last of Us as an Uncharted with feelings, and this game suffered from the same than Uncharted 4: more doesn't mean better. I think that if the game was more contained the overall result would be better.

Overall I can't say I had a good time playing the game. I completed it to have an informed opinion but I cannot recommed it to anyone that isn't into zombie and postapocaliptic genre, which I'm not.


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