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After playing Borderlands 2, the hype around this series is confusing me

Haven't played the first one, haven't played co-op with a friend so maybe that's where I went wrong? But the single player experience is just so… underwhelming.

Graphic is the one aspect I find charming, the cel shaded graphic style that makes you feel like you're playing a comic book is great… and that's about it.

It boasts an "open" world but it's actually just small areas stitched together with loading screen. Doesn't give the feeling similar to open world shooter like Fallout 3/NV or FarCry 2+. I feel like exploration is a slog and there's a lot of backtracking for quests.

Many characters seem overly-exaggerated, Claptrap is especially annoying and many others feel like they're over-acting, though that's probably why they're stuck in my head, Moxxi, Tiny Tina, Mr. Torgue, and Shoot-me-in-the-face guy. The humour is also hit or miss, but they're mostly a 'miss' for me, though I appreciate some that I find funny, like the reference to TMNT got a bit of chuckle out of me.

I genuinely don't understand how people regards Handsome Jack as a great villain, all he does is evil crap and just spewing jokes or one-liner during his transmission to your character. I feel nothing about him, and killing him doesn't give me any satisfaction, only "good grief, the game's finally over", but nope, he's not the last boss, there's a monster you have to fight as the last boss.

The story is forgettable as well, some kind of rebellion against Handsome Jack? I already forget most of it.

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The gameplay is fine, it's not great but not bad either, I kind of like the loot-based weapons, always giving me new toys to play with, the reliance to RNG means I'll get crap weapons most of the time though, but when I got a good one, it's really good. Shooting feels… "fine", but the exploration leave many things to be desired.

Also the inventory UI is atrocious, it's probably one of the worst if not the worst inventory screen I've ever seen. Doing everything is a work, comparing weapons, equipping stuffs, moving stuffs to trash, etc. The display itself is just… weird, it's probably on par with Dark Souls' inventory screen, but DS at least a little bit better by displaying good chunk of information on the screen.

it's a decent shooter with comic art style graphics, but everything else is just 'meh'. I don't understand why people praise this series. It gets so utterly boring near the end, I don't even look for side quests, I just slog through the main story to end the game.


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