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After trying out Overwatch, fortnite, Apex and many more I think I have found the perfect shooter for me.. Splatoon 2.

Content of the article: "After trying out Overwatch, fortnite, Apex and many more I think I have found the perfect shooter for me.. Splatoon 2."

After a long day at work I like to jump in solo for some casual gaming in online shooters. I like playing for about 20-40 minutes and I only do it to blow of some steam and have fun. If I win or lose dosen't really matter to much.

Even though I like most of the games listed in the title (Overwatch the most) I do hate some aspects of them. Seasonal events, loot boxes, battle passes and limited items pretty much sums up the basic problems I have. It's hard to play these games casually because you will "miss out" on content if you don't play regularly.

Overwatch for example has loot boxes which actually dosen't bother me to much, but also has seasonal events which is the only time during the year to unlock certein skins. Instead of playing casually during these events I play way more than I'm actually comfortable playing, making me fatigue on the game and start disliking it instead.

Another problem I also have with these kind of games are in game voice chat. I like teamwork, that's why I like team-based shooters. But when playing casually I really don't feel like talking to people I don't know, I just want to sit back and relax. But most of the time there are kids screaming into the mic in Spanish or someone who think that he's the descendent of god himself. It get's really annoying. I usually turn it of, but then it feels like I'm missing out on tactics or that my team might be angry at me during the game.

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Enters Splatoon 2.

The concept of this game is so fresh and creative that I'm surprised that it dosen't have a bigger following. Competitive is fun short matches with different modes that changes every 2 hour. This makes the the game feel diffrent every time I play it. It's easy to jump in to a game but hard to master.

One of the criticism this game apparently got upon it's release is that it has no in game voice chat, instead it relies on commands you shout out with the help of the D-Pad. I absolutely LOVE this and it also feel like an even faster way to communicate with your teammates than voice chat.

It also has NO way to spend your hard earned money on skins (or in this game, clothes) or other cosmetics and as far as I know, it doesn't have any seasonal events. This makes it a lot easier to take breaks form playing the game and you don't feel like you are missing out on anything while you are gone.

I see more and more of these kind of games becoming greedy and time consuming. I no longer come back to play these games because they are fun but rather because I don't want to miss out on the latest events. I've played around 15h Splatoon 2 so far and it's such a fresh air in this genre that I think I've finally found the perfect shooter for a casual gamer like me.


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