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after years of bashing it, i tried no man’s sky…

when they first announced no man's sky, i was super hyped. it seemed like exactly the game i wanted to play. the amount of time i could dedicate to just exploring a gigantic universe was something i had wanted forever. sadly though, a little bit before it came out, some rumors came out about how little the game actually had. i tried to ignore those rumors and keep my hype, but more and more of them came out… when the game was finally released all of the rumors were proven to be true. the devs behind the game had 100% lied about the content the game would have.

i was heart broken and that quickly turned to bitterness and eventually true hatred. i refused to buy the game and thought anyone that would support such outright lying was a moron. even up to about a few days ago, i was adamant that i would never buy and support the devs as they had lied about the game.

a few days ago, no man's sky was on sale (still currently is) and i was tempted to buy it. i stuck to my guns though at first. even on sale, it was still $30 which is about half of what i dedicate to my monthly game budget. i had heard the supporters of the game constantl praise the game with "it got better" but that was never enough to convince me to get the game, especially not at the full $60 it normally is. i always saw that as me voting with my wallet that it was okay for games to lie before release but it is okay if they fix it later. that never sat right with me. still, half off was a good deal, so i chose to put my money where my mouth is. i could finally start bashing the game from experience rather than just secondhand accounts.

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the thing is though, i accidentally loved it. at launch, i would have certainly hated the game, but as it is right now, it is the most fun space exploration game i have ever played. the universe feels ppig because well, it is enormous. i am constantly stumbling onto new things to discover and it all feels so unique. there is just so much to do and so much to see. it all builds onto itself and makes everything feel so alive. the game is everything i hoped it would be all those years ago.

i still don't think the straight faced lying was okay, but i am so glad they stuck with the game to fix it. that takes integrity to a level rarely seen in the gaming industery. they stood by their work and listened to feed back and turned a flop into a truly captivating masterpiece. if you haven't teried it yet i wholeheartedly recommend it.

"it got better!"


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