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Alan Wake is brought down by its tedious combat

After playing Control, I figured I would give Alan Wake a try since I heard about the game being renowned and wanted to prepare for the Control DLC (still hate that the PS4 save does not transfer to the PS5 Ultimate edition).

I was ultimately disappointed by Alan Wake after spending twenty hours on it on Steam. What bogged down the game's experience was the combat. It's incredibly tedious and basic with shining your flash light on the ninja rednecks(seriously they're agile, sneaky, can dual wield, and throw items with superb accuracy) and then shooting them. The strategy doesn't change much especially with the lack of enemy varieties against the big Takens, which are "light sponges" and the annoying speedy Takens.

I see fans keep on defending that this is a "survival horror game" and that combat isn't the focus. Then why the hell do they throw so many enemies at you(DLCs were really bad with this)? The game think it's like Resident Evil 4 or something, but Resident Evil 4 has fun combat especially the melee moves(which Alan Wake desperately needed).

Given the psychological horror angle of Alan Wake, it befuddled me why Alan Wake didn't focus more on puzzles and have less combat. I feel like the whole nightmare and light based themes could have lead to interesting puzzles(and enemies that aren't redneck ninjas). I'm guessing that because Remedy was coming off of Max Payne(the game's HUD has that Max Payne feel) that they weren't able to shake off its third person shooter influence.

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Ultimately, I enjoyed the game's narrative enough to push myself through the tedium to see what happens to Alan(Alice's VA was kind of lacking). The best decision I made was changing the difficulty to easy to make the combat section less tedious in the DLC episodes. Nevertheless I uninstalled the game promptly after finishing it and both of its DLC episodes.


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