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Almost 3 weeks since I got the save game bug on WD:L…

Content of the article: "Almost 3 weeks since I got the save game bug on WD:L…"

There's still no fix in sight, my support ticket was closed this morning because I didn't reply to an automated message.

I was enjoying this game as much as I could but the save game bug was the icing on the cake, after almost 40 hours my save game bugged and I couldn't continue which forced me to have to restart.

now I know there's almost zero progression in the game so it's almost meaningless complaining that one must have to start again however this made me consider why else I am not satisfied with WD:L.

The game feels flat, almost no progression at all. No reason to look for 'unique' operatives or work on getting points for skills because most of the game is handed to you as soon as you begin.

The AI is as bad as it was in the first and second watch dogs, they are either stupid or way too aggressive. Stupid as in someone in an enemy faction will watch me takedown their friend, then just walk off in the other direction like nothing happened. Aggressive as in when you're being chased and you hear the chatter that you're beginning to get away and your wanted rating begins to flash. You could be hiding anywhere and the people chasing you will walk directly towards you every time, even though they don't know where you are.

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I am sad because this is the last Ubisoft game I will buy, I will not be missed and nobody will care as I am the voice of few. This post will probably get lost and swept under the rug, I think my support ticket will go unresolved and not a single care in the world will be given by Ubisoft because they already have my money.

I am upset because I have been a fan of the series and expected a decent delivery after being delayed for almost a year, I purchased the game on pre order as soon as it was announced. I have the merch from previous games and this one, I even have the wrench junior robot which isn't compatible with any current versions of android.. alas I am disappointed in the current situation of which is Watch Dogs Legion.


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