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Alpha Protocol was incredibly fun

Content of the article: "Alpha Protocol was incredibly fun"

I picked up this game for $2 at the EB 360/PS3 pre-owned promo. I had heard that it was underrated so I gave it a shot and it was exactly what I needed. I'm so tired of modern AAA games theses days, they're all the same game. Modern AAA has converged on about 3 actual different game types where all AAA games are basically a reskin and minor tweak of the 3 archetypes. I'm so tired of the same style open world game getting rave reviews over and over. Is no one else getting tired of playing the same thing repeatedly?

Anyway sorry for the rant but it leads me into my thoughts about Alpha Protocol. This game's got heart. Yeah it's a little janky but nothing that broke the game for me. It actually made it more fun. The powers are definitely not well balanced but it made me feel like my choice of powers could actually significantly change my game experience. (They can. They do.) Where most modern games the powers can be fun but they don't significantly change how the designers expected you to play. With this game I felt like the powers could lead to whole new crazy strategies.

I played it as a stealth game mostly and found it a pretty enjoyable way to play. I've found in a lot of other games that have "stealth" character options they never really work. For example I never felt Mass Effect worked well for stealth where in this game it mostly does for a large portion. It felt nice since stealth is a forgotten genre that's mostly integrated poorly into non-stealth games these days.

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While the story itself didn't necessarily grab me, the cast of characters were all great. I really enjoyed the dialogue options. With games before like Mass Effect I always felt there was this Boy Scout/Psychopath dichotomy. In Alpha Protocol I really felt like the dialogue system worked. I never felt like I had to please everyone. If some asshole is interrogating you it felt good to be a smarmy dick to them and make them hate you. Also I felt like the consequences of whether certain characters liked me or not had real impact at points.

Anyway, I think it was criminally underrated. If you're tired of the hyper polished games feeling too samey these days I recommend Alpha Protocol as a breath of fresh air


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