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Alternative to Steam Big Picture Mode for creating a console-like interface

I have dedicated my primary computer strictly to gaming. Other than Steam, Origin, Epic, etc, my only other use is emulation.

I would like to put an interface on the computer hat will simplify my use of it as a gaming console. Steam's Big Picture is the first thing that comes to mind, HOWEVER, every single computer I've used it on since the day it launched has been a complete and total disaster. Controllers are permanently broken (profiles so broken I cannot use them, profiles that cannot be overridden for unknown reasons, etc), games that fail to launch with empty error codes, audio becoming garbled with no apparent fixes, and other issues like this. My most consistent issue is that when you launch steam nothing happens for about 15-20 minutes before it just suddenly starts working. I've found numerous "solutions" to these issues online over the years, but none of them ever work more than once.

Despite the problems, that interface is exactly what I'm trying to achieve. I will absolutely never install Big Picture again. Every time I say "what can it hurt" or "well I fixed what the issue is supposed to be" I end up regretting it hard and having to totally wipe the computer.

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My ideal end result would be to have the Xbox or Playstation interfaces running on the PC. I doubt that's easy to do, so I'm looking for the closest alternative.

Any suggestions? I'm up for anything other than "give Big Picture another chance".

Edit 1:

Give me some credit, please. My entire career and education is computer engineering. I know how to install Steam. There are thousands of posts with issues just like mine and they've been around for years. The only thing that works right is using it in Linux. Also, NEVER buy a used Steam controller. They are account locked and when you buy a used in the prior account gets stuck with yours and creates a disaster. My account was totally fucked for about 2 months a year or so ago and it took Steam support that long just to get the other account out of mine.

I know people are just trying to help and it's appreciated, but telling someone "I never had that issue, you must have broken it" is incredibly myopic and arrogant. During the 10 years of various stack overflow problems I've navigated, I've found many times that it absolutely was something I broke, this is not one of them.


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