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Alvo Patch 1.05 – Devlog, patch notes, fixes and whats comming next!

Hi everyone! Ruben from the Alvo team here!

Thanks to everyone for supporting alvo, we are working hard to bring more content and fixes!

Patch 1.05 for Alvo is now live!

Patch Notes for Alvo v1.05

– Town Map Added To Rotation

Dev: Town map was our very first map, you can see it back on the cgi trailer! We wanted to add an additional route before release for gameplay reasons, unfortunately due to some memory concerns it didn't make it to release day. But now its back, we really hope you enjoy it. Ah! By the way, town has full sfx, we will add full sfx to other maps soon!

Town map is in!

– Default Voice Chat Volume Lowered

Dev: Yeah we know, we overpowered the voice chat. We reduce it to more sane levels. On next patch we will also add a minimum threshold hold before voice transmits (to avoid background noises).

– Weapon Damage Reduced: Choco

Dev: Yep, the choco is the most OP thing we did. We are keeping the choco deadliness on headshots, but now on body shots it will only do 190 damage points (out of 200). Shooting twice or shooting an already damaged player should do the job.

– Search and Destroy: Now you can cycle forwards and blackguards through the cameras.

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Dev: We just added the option to press square to go to the previous camera. Plus cameras are numbered now!

– Increase message box size in the main menu.

Dev: Just so we can show you more text!

– Weapon Sound Effects Adjustments

Dev: More than adjustments, it's a complete rework of all the fire sounds! We added better and more satisfying firing sounds to all weapons.

In next updates, we will revamp the sound that you hear when other players fire as well.

– Fixed bot issue that affected leaderboard and matchmaking

Dev: This one is big, it was causing a lot of issues in the overall game, I'm sure you guys noticed at some point teams of more than 6 players, or bots than don't go away after the match is full. This should take care of it. Plus it should improve the matchmaking.

– Additional security protocols

Dev: Just so we are not attacked anymore (thanks "hacker", you made us stay awake for 48 hours straight on release day).

– Option to Change Tracking by Controller or Head added to Main Menu Settings

– Added New Bot Names

– Fixed Issues with Left Handed Settings

– Voice Chat Fixes

– Networked Player Footsteps Increased

– First Person Player Footsteps Reduced

Dev: Just a run down on fixes. Voice chat should be working as expected when joining a match now, and we changed the footstep volume to recognize players approaching more easily.

Things we are working on, or we are aware off:

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Aim Issues

After this patch, my personal number one priority its to fix the aim issue (where the gun stays a foot in front of you, and the controls says you are on oculus). If you have any information on how to reproduce this issue, please share it in our discord.


One of the fixes in this patch should improve the matchmaking. However, we will be monitoring the situation. If we don't see an improvement we have a new algorithm ready (that we can activate without patching). This new algorithm will prioritize filling up matches, but it could make recently created matches take longer to find players (Since the players will fill the old matches first). We need to test it and monitor the situation.

The store and progression:

The alvo store issue. We are currently working on a complete rework of the progression and store system, however, it could be a few weeks before it's ready.

In the meantime we are going to fix the store issues (purchases not saving) in the patch coming next week.

We also are aware of other main menu issues, like the rank not displaying correctly and the guns showing all the same stat, we will fix those next week while we finish our reworked progression/store.

Hands and weapons:

We are working on replacing the current hands in game for better quality ones, as well as having our hands ready for two device tracking (for move controllers and future platforms). We are also working on adding better quality weapon models and animations.


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We currently have 2 map variants (desert night and house night) and a completely new map almost ready (factory). They should be coming into the game in the next few weeks.

Desert Night Coming Soon! (Pretty much done, as well as desert day fixes)

House Night Coming Soon! (working on ligthing)

Factory Map its almost ready! (We need to run memory tests)

In addition, we have two brand-new maps inspired in classic fps maps (try to guess) in production.

New Map 1 in production (Detailing the map)

New Map 2 in production (Initial layout)

We are as well, working on sfx on all maps!

Please note that all our maps and gamemodes will be completly free going fordwards!

Please join our discord to help shape the game, and follow our social media to keep in touch!



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