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Am I destined to dislike AC Odyssey? It looks so promising.

Content of the article: "Am I destined to dislike AC Odyssey? It looks so promising."

(Posted in this sub, as r/patientgamers said it belongs here.)

So, for some backstory, I'm a massive fan of Ancient Greece (history in general), open world RPG games (Witcher 3 is my fave game ever) and any game that involves dialogue options (Fallout New Vegas. I also really enjoyed AC1 and Black Flag (the only 2 I played).

On paper, this game looked like my dream game. I found it on sale and took the dive. I've made it about 3-4 hours into the game, to where you leave the initial area on your ship, but I keep bouncing off of it.

No joke, I've tried 5 separate times to get into it again since initially dropping off. I really want to like this game and I don't wanna come across as bashing it – the world is INCREDIBLE and some of the moments I've had exploring on horseback have been pure gaming gold.

I can't quite place exactly what keeps me bouncing off what looks like my dream game on paper, but I have come up with these points:

– Bad voice acting. I picked Kassandra since people seemed to say she was stronger. Is this something I just need to get used to or is the voice acting in this game known to improve later on? For reference, I'm not expecting RDR2, but even something like Skyrim/Fallout 4 is fine.

– Unenjoyable combat: I'm hoping this is just a learning curve or because I'm low level, but enemies feel like damage sponges, and the combat seems to lack the weight I'm hoping for.

– Generic quest design: so far most of my time has been spent fetching things, clearing bandit camps etc. Does this improve or get more creative?

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– Poor animations: again this isn't be a deal breaker but it seems like everything in this game feels very rough. I played Fallout 3 multiple times though, so I could look past this.

Would you recommend me push through or just give up on this game? Additionally, I was going to get Origins after this game as my next patient purchase, but now I'm worried. Is Origins basically the same game with the same pros/cons?

TL;DR: I keep bouncing off AC Odyssey, has anyone had a similar experience and ended with enjoying it in the end?


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