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Amnesia: Rebirth Review Thread

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Game Title: Amnesia: Rebirth


  • PlayStation 4 (Oct 20, 2020)
  • PC (Oct 20, 2020)


Developer: Frictional Games

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic – 79 average – 81% recommended – 21 reviews

Critic Reviews

Attack of the FanboyBrandon Adams4 / 5 stars

Amnesia: Rebirth won't dramatically shift the modern horror landscape like its predecessor did ten years ago, yet it's an excellent addition to the genre nonetheless. It's an excellent marriage SOMA's narrative sensibilities with The Dark Descent's more terrifying pacing, capable of standing out in the now crowded market. It won't replace SOMA as my all-time favorite horror game, but it's up there.

DualShockersKris Cornelisse9 / 10

Spiralling towers, endless deserts and impossible geometry; Frictional's return with Amnesia: Rebirth showcases why they're the masters of horror

Easy AlliesMichael Huber

Amnesia: Rebirth arrives just in time for Halloween to scare the crap out of you!

EurogamerVikki BlakeNo Recommendation / Blank

Frictional returns with a subversion of horror tropes, though it's not quite the measure of other games in the series.

Game InformerBen Reeves7.5 / 10

If you're looking for a good scare, Amnesia: Rebirth delivers, but prepare to feel lost and confused along the way

GameSpewRichard Seagrave9 / 10

All you need to know as a horror fan, or simply a brave gamer, is that Amnesia: Rebirth is a masterfully-crafted experience. There are no next-gen graphical features such as ray-tracing to fawn over, but its visuals are still top-notch and performance is solid. Just as important, its audio and sound design is simply outstanding. They come together to immerse you in one of the most terrifying experiences ever to be put into video game form, but one that also makes you think.

GameSpotPhil Hornshaw8 / 10

The follow-up to Frictional Games' seminal 2010 horror game tightly hones the developer's approach to story, frights, and frustration.

GameWatcherLuiz H. Coelho8.5 / 10

While this is certainly a return to form for the franchise, the game doesn't quite escape the shadow of the original, with the forced narrative aspects sometimes overtaking gameplay. Nevertheless, when judged by its own merits, Amnesia: Rebirth is a quality horror title made by passionate developers out to tell a disturbing story. At the end of the day, I'd recommend this one to any horror fan up for some interactive Cosmic Horror this Halloween season.

GamesRadar+Leon Hurley4 / 5 stars

A dark and twisted piece of playable horror fiction that delivers a memorable story.

IGNKyle Campbell8 / 10

Amnesia: Rebirth is one of the most thrilling survival horror games in recent memory – one that is anything but forgettable.

Merlin'in KazanıAlparslan GürlekTurkish80 / 100

Amnesia: Rebirth is a game that deserves the name of the series with its gripping story and exquisite design. Anyone who loves horror games should buy and play.

PC GamerLeana Hafer91 / 100

A brilliant tale of terror, even if the ride is a little old and clunky.

PolygonMichael McWhertorUnscored

Amnesia: Rebirth shows an inventiveness that The Dark Descent only hinted at. And it’s certainly creepy enough to satisfy the hunger for something spooky this season.

Push SquareLiam Croft4 / 10

For the few things Amnesia: Rebirth gets right, there is a mountain of reasons why it feels like Frictional Games is still stuck in 2010. This hide and seek style of gameplay has long outstayed its welcome and the game doesn't do enough to lessen the disappointing impact that brings. It's heartbreaking to say, but after the fantastic SOMA, maybe the Swedish developer shouldn't have bothered returning to what it thinks it knows best.

Rock, Paper, ShotgunAlice BellUnscored

An accomplished horror adventure from accomplished horror developers, Amnesia: Rebirth is a worthy entry in the Amnesia series that never quite gets as original as you might hope.

ShacknewsTJ Denzer9 / 10

Amnesia: Rebirth is a solid return to form for Frictional. It has everything I’ve come to expect from the folks behind SOMA and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but ups the horror game in meaningful ways appropriate to this particular entry.

SpaziogamesDomenico MusicòItalian8 / 10

Amnesia: Rebirth tells a mature story about loss and human resilience. After SOMA, the new direction chosen by Frictional Games is finally clear. It's a turning point for the horror genre.

TechRaptorWilliam Worrall6 / 10

Strong gameplay and atmosphere don't make up for obvious plot twists. However, Amnesia: Rebirth is still worth playing for the things it does right.

TheSixthAxis – Steve C – 8 / 10

Amnesia: Rebirth is an excellent narrative experience with some genuinely taxing environmental puzzles and effective sense of atmosphere. What really got under my skin, was the story being told of grief, loss, panic, and desperation. Playing as the pregnant Tasi and vicariously experiencing her own growing horror is something that will stick with me for a long while, not least because this game manages to be so focused on a woman's body without any hint of sexualisation or objectification. For this, if for nothing else, Amnesia: Rebirth is a groundbreaking title in gaming horror.

TrustedReviewsJade King4 / 5 stars

Frictional Games has crafted one of the finest survival horror experiences in recent memory with Amnesia: Rebirth. It never forgets what made the original so compelling, placing as much importance on the haunting things you can't see as it does on the ghastly monsters placed front and centre. However, tired horror conventions occasionally shatter the terrifyingly atmospheric immersion, holding this new Amnesia entry back from excellence.

USgamerChan Khee Hoon4.5 / 5 stars

Making a sequel to one of the most acclaimed horror games in recent memory may be a tall order for some, but Frictional Games has done it with aplomb with Amnesia: Rebirth. Without straying far from the formula that made Amnesia: The Dark Descent so popular and feared in equal measure-the clever use of jump scares, immersive puzzles and the light-dark dichotomy-Rebirth has reinvigorated its brand of horror with a haunting narrative that's as moving as it is refreshing. Rebirth may still be a bit too much to bear for players who don't usually venture into horror, but it's a sequel that should please ardent fans and horror masochists alike.

WccftechFrancesco De Meo8 / 10

Amnesia: Rebirth is a more than worthy new entry in the popular series, and one of the best horror games released this year, thanks to its engaging story, very good writing and unnerving atmosphere that can make playing the game feel almost uncomfortable. And if a horror game manages to achieve this, small issues like a lack of gameplay innovation and limited replay value don't really matter.

We Got This CoveredEric Hall3.5 / 5 stars

Amnesia: Rebirth is a solid enough adventure for fans of the genre. That being said, although it's better than its predecessors in different ways, the fact that it can't quite match the narrative highs of SOMA or the scares of The Dark Descent makes it a bit of a forgettable journey.

Windows CentralCarli Velocci4 / 5 stars

Amnesia: Rebirth is a wildly ambitious horror title that seeks to be standalone and to answer a lot of of questions posed in The Dark Descent. It's gruesome in its style and tragic in its story, and whether the pain will be worth it is up to you.


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