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An issue I’ve noticed that’s gotten worse recently.

Content of the article: "An issue I’ve noticed that’s gotten worse recently."

Has anybody else gone into their library and noticed that they've suddenly lost games? There's are games I own and have own since 2015 that are now no longer appearing in my library, but I still own. If I want to download them from my ps4 library screen I have to go to the psn store instead, because even searching them by name yields nothing. Games I've owned for years and games I recently bought have disappeared and I'm not sure why. They're still on my account but how I access them is odd. For instance, dishonored definitive edition has just recently been one of the game that vanished from my library.

I bought this game when it was released a few years ago and have owned it every since with no issues. Agents of mayhem has never once shown up in my library, I have to go to the store to download it or use the app.

Since I've mentioned the app, I'd like to point out that if a game is rereleased in a full pack with any dlc that released, it no longer shows up on the app or let's me search it in the app store. The first spiderman game can no longer be accessed through the app to download because it is now the game of the year edition with the dlc, which I do not own that specific version, so it prompts me to buy it from my own library screen rather than just download the standard edition.

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I'm not sure how sony has these issues after decades of being a tech giant and selling consoles, but these issues are just weird and frankly shameful for a large company like this. The issues with the network and the console (ps4 pro) certainly aren't enticing me to buy a ps5 any time soon.

Anyway, has anyone else had these issues? I have no idea what to do about it. I'm wondering how long I have before they simply just glitch their systems so badly it takes the ownership/license away and I lose games entirely.


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