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An old game I remember playing but can’t remember the name of.

This is an old PC Disc game which is very similar to TRINE.

Hi guys, I'm looking for a game that I played when I was young. It was a side-scrolling CD game on PC platform in the year of 2000s may be(or 1995-2000), actually I don't know about the release date of it. Just because of the graphic design doesn't look like the quality made in 21st century.

I've tried my best to remember most of the game details but I cant remember the name of it. Yeah its totally ridiculous that I remember lots of details besides the game name.

The starting animation is talking about a man was locked in a tower in the sky, a mage(maybe?) casted magic to free him.

Although the game is side-scrolling game, it looks like 2.5D. The background is 2D picture but your character and the enemies are 3D image. It is a kind of adventure game, and you have a health bar and mana bar on the top left hand corner.

In the game you can choose 3 types of character, a young man with sword, a young girl with staff and a man using two-handed axe.
I remember some of the default button which are "Z" and "X", "Z" is using a light attack and "X" is a heavy attack.
There are several types of magic you can use, fire , ice, lightning and recovery.
Each type of magic divided into 5 levels, I only remember fire and ice.

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Fire L1: Single fire ball drop on a single enemy (Auto targeting to nearby enemy)
Fire L2: Fire burning on the left side of right side (depends on character facing direction)
Fire L3: Lava blast at all enemies position
Fire L4: Large explosion (Area of effect)
Fire L5: Fire from the fire phoenix (Area of effect)
Ice L1: Ice Spikes appear at a single enemy's postion (Auto targeting to nearby enemy)
Ice L2: Ice Spikes appear at all enemies' position
Ice L3: Ice wall created on the left side of right side (depends on character facing direction)
Ice L4: Ice Storm (Area of effect)
Ice L5: Ice Age (Area of effect)

And here are the stage and the boss that I try my best to remember.
Stage 1 – Forest, boss: rock golem
Stage 2 – Floor 1 , I forgot what that thing is.
Stage 3 – Below 1, boss: ice drake
Stage 4 – Below 2, boss: 2 ghost (looks like female) share 1 BOSS health bar
Stage 5 – Below 3, boss: skeleton mage(necromancer)
**And this boss I think it is a main enemy of the game because my character need to talk to him before battle.
Stage 6 – Floor 2, boss: a flying, upper body, large skeleton with both scythe-shaded hand(hand bone)
**Actually it looks like a skeleton reaper, but it is flying and only have upper body
Stage 7 – Floor 3, boss: fire drake
Stage 8 – Below 4 , I reach to the middle only.

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One more thing there are 5 different BGM in the game. Each of them is used for Stage1-5 respectively. And Stage 6 use the first BGM and so on.
I just only remember the stage name and the last stage that I reached is 8.
Please help me with this, it is a memory for me and I try my best to remember the details of it.


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