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AndroidGaming Community Updates – Nov 19, 2021

Hi AndroidGaming,

Recently you might have noticed a few changes have taken place over the past weeks. As you might be aware, there are a bunch of relatively new mods (including myself) who joined the mod team to help improve the experience in browsing this sub. I want to communicate the changes we've made so far to help improve your experience:

Flair changes:

We've recently re-enabled and updated the flair headings to better reflect the nature of the posts. e.g. Game Request has now changed to Seeking Recommendation as the flair has seen some confusing uses before. We've also integrated a Help/Support flair for any support questions or when looking for a specific game instead of recommendation.

In the coming weeks we're hoping to enforce flair usage for posts so each submission can be better categorized.

Automod/bot changes:

You might have received comments/responses from Automoderator or the FlairHelper bot for your submissions. These are changes we have made to help alleviate some of the manual work the mod team needs to handle. Note that a comment from Automod doesn't mean your post is necessarily removed (can be just a reminder), and there will be false positives as we iron out the kinks… but if for any reason you feel your post has been removed by mistake, please, reach out to us and we can discuss.

Side menu changes:

We've added a subsection to the side menu for the redesigned Reddit, the first button prepares you for a seeking recommendation template (more on that later). The second and third button are filters to customize your browsing experience of the sub by removing some flaired posts. This is still a relatively new addition so we're still working on adding more when the need arises.

Note that the filter might not work properly after the initial load – this is an issue that seems to be currently happening across Reddit, and we are hoping it'll get fixed soon.

Top Menu changes:

We've added a sub menu on top of the redesigned Reddit called Play Store deals. It'll bring you to two search queries within a related sub googleplaydeals that shows you discounted and free games (which I've started to crosspost here recently but didn't want to overdo it). Hopefully some of you will find this useful.

Game Request / Seeking Recommendation changes:

This is probably the biggest piece. Due to Rule #6 there often are Game Request threads being removed as not everybody supply the minimum 3 criteria that is asked. Sometimes it can get tricky to interpret what is a criteria and people get confused. We get questions from time to time.

This new Game Request Template seek to clarify that for both you and us. We've listed all the criteria here so that when you ask for a game, you would consider what each of these category means to you, so that others can suggest a more meaningful game than randomly throwing games out. It could also serve to help others in the future when they search this sub.

In the coming weeks we plan to have Automod enforce this template, and once we get that going we'll start updating rule 6 to reflect this change as well. But for now we hope this template can help clear the inconsistencies in game request threads. When this gets going we will likely remove the 4-day cycle of stickied post for Game Requests as well, since, well, everybody is just making threads now anyhow.

That's it for this update for now. In the upcoming weeks when we iron out the kinks I'll probably send another update out for everyone. Meanwhile, if you have questions about these updates or ideas on how to improve this community, let us know down below!


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