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Animal Crossing desperately needs MORE content

Don't get me wrong: I absolutely in love with AC:NH. This is the first game in the series that I tried and it is already the most played game on the Switch with about 400 hours.

I play it daily starting from the day of release and it granted me a wonderful escapism session that let me survive the last three months. Since my work started three weeks ago, I spend much less time in the game than I used to. But lack of free time is not the only reason. I started to get tired and bored of NH. You can say: "there's no wonder, you've already spent so many hours in it". It's obvious enough, but… Gameplay becomes repetitive. Wake up in the morning, listen to Isabelle who talks again about her passion for TV-shows since there is no news, check the area for shells, trees for furniture, plaza for NPC's, villager houses for DIY-recipe that you already know, Nooks Cranny for new old items cause you don't need to sell more turnip since there're several million bells in your bank account and that's it. Several times I was engaged in a complete redevelopment of the island with terraforming and house relocation but each time it made me feel tired.

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I started to read about past AC games and realized that although the developers have added a lot of new features, they removed even more. I know it was done in order to avoid time travel, but it mostly relates to seasonal events. I apologize for this cry of the soul, but I really want to enjoy this game like in the months when every day became special. I know Nintendo is planning to support ACNH several years, also heard about the findings of dataminers and really hope to see more and bigger updates in the future.

Please, give us:

More unique events with shorter duration;More dialogue options;More special NPC's;More stores and special buildings;More villager types and species;Make objects and furniture not only scenery (let us play with the ball, ride bikes, etc);More interaction between villagers;More ways to use the museum (after collecting all the fossils and catching all the seasonal bugs and fishes you may only wait for the next time your cousin come to your island and that's it. Let us make museum more 'alive': add some exhibitions, excursions for villagers..)QoL improvements;Way more DIY's and ways to spend bellsTerraforming improvements (let us choose patterns for the cliff walls);

Thanks for your attention!

UPD: You guys are crazy. I didn't expect this post to receive such attention, I even had to turn notifications off. I never evaluate games by the ratio of the amount of money and the number of hours spent with it. Animal Crossing is a great game that can get even better. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who holds this opinion. Hopefully that big sales, high accolades and pandemic will not stop Nintendo from improving the game. Enjoy your island life!



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