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Hey everyone! I've been on a bit of a mini vacation before starting grad school and I've played a buuunch of games during this time and wanted to share them with you all!

AAA Games (Attempted listing in order of completion)

Trials of Mana

Xenoblade Chronicles

Ys 8

The Last of Us

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Ratchet & Clank

God of War (2018)

Tomb Raider (2013)

Rise of the Tomb Raider


Outer Wilds


Zelda Games (They hold a special place in my heart so they were separated)


Link Between Worlds

Special Mentions

Elite Dangerous (This game never ends so it's also separate!)

Witcher III (Started this one before the vacation but finished the main game and DLCs during it. Spent more time on all that then any other game on this list so I thought it deserved a slot. Xenoblade was a close second in hours of gameplay but man the Witcher DLCs are beautiful)

DNF (Did Not Finish)

Last of Us Part 2 – great gameplay mechanics, but I just can't play the antagonist who I simply wanted to kill the entire time. This game is divisive, so we'll leave the opinions at that.

Control – cool game, super weird. Just didn't suck me in and didn't have any interest in playing through it.

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Doom (2016) – great game, felt like I was a kid back at the arcade. But I guess I just need stories, so I got bored pretty quickly.

Honorable Mentions (not played during vacation but highly influential)

Ghost of Tsushima – this game made me realize just how much I love a captivating story. The world was also beautiful, open world, with plenty of little activities. I've been getting tired of open world games but with this one I was able to stop all the extra stuff the second I got bored without limiting my experience or character ability. And even without using fast travel, the map was so beautiful that the trips were fun. Combat allowed you to really make your own style, wasn't too difficult or too easy (I always play games on normal difficulty), and very satisfying all together. Excellent game.

FF7 Remake – ever feel nostalgia for something you never even experienced in the first place? This game did that for me. I didn't play the original, but my childhood friend did. That really didn't influence my experience though. The story was interesting (although a bit weird), the characters were amazing, the world is exceptional, the music inspiring, and the live-action combat was perfect. I love linear maps and stories since I really explore every corner that way and the progression felt great. It brought back memories of Kingdom Hearts and opened me to the JRPG genre.

Impressions and backlog:

There were just too many games to list in-depth opinions on all of them, but please ask about any of them if you'd like to know. I had a blast with every game I did finish, and Outer Wilds is the only non-Zelda game in my top 5. I really love stories more than anything else, and some truly excelled in this (Last of Us). Sometimes the limited map is preferable (Ys 8 & Trials of Mana) but sometimes open works better (Witcher III). Some open world games felt too empty (Xenoblade) but were still beautiful and awe inspiring. Sometimes working through the map to never return is best (Last of Us). Live action combat is an absolute must for me in JRPGs (Ys8 and Trials of Mana) but man a story is still life (Ys8). The Tomb Raider reboot trilogy delivered on this story aspect, but more importantly had the puzzles I absolutely love as a big Zelda fan. The added real world history was the cherry on top. Man, Lara Croft is such a boss. Speaking of puzzles, Outer Wilds was the perfect combination of exploration/puzzle. I also LOVE space so it really was just an exceptional experience. Elite Dangerous is an awesome game to go back to for someone obsessing over space like I do! Subnautica was my first survival game, the exploration and lore kept me going. Not Outer Wilds, but still a pleasant experience. Gotta craft, which isn't my favorite, but I still enjoyed it.

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I plan to tackle the backlog after grad school, give me something to look forward to. I'll probably hop on a ps4 and play The Witness (recommended by an Outer Wilds fan) and I really look forward to the Mass Effect trilogy. At some point I plan to build a gaming PC and go through the other 2 Witcher games and old school Tomb Raiders. I never got the chance to play Halo growing up, and so this I will play on a PC after graduating and making my dreams come true after settling down with a solid gig and some savings put back together. I'm so glad I got to play all these games I've wanted to for so many years and I still can't believe I'm going to grad school. I'm terrified but excited. Can't wait to see you all on the other side! Hopefully I'll be a working professional in 2-3 years when I tell y'all that I finally beat Halo 🙂


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