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Another RDR2 appreciation post (Spoilers Ahead)

Content of the article: "Another RDR2 appreciation post (Spoilers Ahead)"

I recently got done with this game and it is truly an experience. Trying RDR2 after GTAV was a risk since GTAV had the same type of quests over and over with little to no freedom but since I prefer nature settings over cities, I thought why not.

And I'm glad I gave it a try. Even though sadly, this game follows the same structure – go to point A, kill some people, now kill people on horseback to your way back I realised how much a story, a soundtrack, the locations can change my outlook on a mission. I mostly prefer gameplay over anything but this game despite having the same old gameplay(except for Deadeye) kept me invested because of its story and music.

This game has really one of the most memorable soundtracks that I've heard during some missions. The final ride to the Braithwate mansion really felt special because of the background music. Even the two times when Arthur is on his horse and going back to his camp and there is a song playing in the background is really memorable.

I already had heard complains regarding this game being very tedious(looting animations, can't run in camp etc) but somehow they didn't feel like a problem to me and for this one time i appreciated it. It really helped me to be more immersed for some reason.

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Another small thing that I really like is the transition of the characters from cutscene to a normal scene. Usually there's always this jerk motion whenever a character switches from a cutscene to normal gameplay but Rockstar handles this really well.

The only problems I have with this game was the inconsistency between the story and the gameplay. Arthur had killed so so many people but he had a problem with Dutch killing some. Arthur has so much money in his pocket but can't give it to Dutch. Another thing that I didn't like was the false illusion it gave me initially that I can make impactful choices in this game. During Ch 2, there's a mission where you can choose to spare a guy and I thought this will be a consistent thing in the game but it's not. It only resurfaces again in the Ch5-6. It does make sense with the story but they shouldn't have given me this false hope.

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But regardless I'm glad I gave this game a shot, it really changed my outlook on a lot of things.


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