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Anxiety and Fear in Wii Sports Resort Swordplay

Content of the article: "Anxiety and Fear in Wii Sports Resort Swordplay"

Just got Wii Sports Resort today with the sole objective of beating Matt in Swordplay duel, which i did eventually succeed at 6-8 or so hours later.

I am now in my bed about to sleep and all of a sudden these fears about the game come into mind.

I admit, while the first thousand levels are fun. Around 1200-1400 in I reached a point of purgatory where, If I won a match, I would only get a miniscule amount of points. It didn't matter that I was winning in that tier, none of it did once i lost to that one bastard James beat 100+ points out of me and flushing all my previous 20 point wins down the toilet.

/along with the obvious frame perfect computer hitbox mumbo jumbo/

I then came across a luck based bug where if I spammed the block button while swinging up, up-left or up-right constantly. I could win. Emphasis on could since while I won more matches well, I also lost two things.

  1. The Match since I didn't do the bug well enough and/or the computer is a cheating bastard.
  2. All that skill I built up. The fun kind of skill.

I used the bug on Matt and reset scum my way so I wouldn't lose completely and lose 100 points again. I "won"

But now. I can't get back into Swordplay, it is no longer fun for I have lost my ability to make it fun.

I'm from a country in intense political wars of the people as well as currently being the highest amount of COVID cases in SEA. The system of schooling here is admittedly a bit strange and so, i have no time for games.

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I like the challenge of Swordplay's 900-1200 tier so much where the opponent could still block well and land some hits on me while i'm still able to trigger those happiness fluids in my brain from doing 4-5 hit combos.

I know Showdown exists, it is a very good gamemode, but also flawed in terms of visibility and potential replay value.

Standby Miis would often get in front of the camera and the dozens of red swords on the screen make it hard to tell whose sword it is i'm fighting. I once made a post in this same subreddit complaining about Halo 4's visibility issues, just to give some context on my poor eyesight.

About to sleep now. I don't know if i'll ever enjoy Swordplay the same way again. The only solution i have left is being reborn by creating a new Mii and beating the PRO Miis the way it was intended, even if the computer comes off as a cheating bastard.

God I love TVTropes.


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