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Any games besides Final Fantasy where each installment takes place in a different universe?

Content of the article: "Any games besides Final Fantasy where each installment takes place in a different universe?"

I tried emulating Demon's Souls today – successfully, until breakable tables and barrels sent my framerate into the decimals -, and seeing how Dark Souls is a "spiritual successor" to Demon's souls, I began to wonder if the Dark Souls trilogy might have been better off with each game being its own thing, connected by common ideas and concepts instead of overt references or lore.

Without getting into an argument about why I might think that and how the Souls games fit or don't fit into a specific continuity, is there any series that does this? Apparently I didn't read the rules and my original post wasn't sufficiently verbose to be considered high-effort, so let me explain what I mean anyway:

The first Dark Souls is by no means perfect, but it's a self-contained story and I don't think it or the sequels gain anything from trying to add to that. Especially 3 (which I overall like more than 2, but let's be civil about it) has succession and repetition as its core theme, but it's too on the nose a lot of the time, has unnecessary retcons and lore clarifications, and could have handled it with more restraint. If anything, I think the whole game should have been more like the Dreg Heap if it really wanted to go down that road. Dark Souls 2 stands more on its own feet, but I think even that gets muddled unnecessarily by overt nods to fan favorite "grossly incandescent" warriors and old dragonslayers.

In my opinion the series might have been better if the sequels were more like what Dark Souls is to Demon's Souls. I didn't want to make this about Dark Souls specifically but I can't think of other games whose sequels have this problem to the same extent, so there you go.

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How about it, is there a game series – besides Final Fantasy – with sequels that aren't connected to each other in a continuity and more by their themes or a specific style?


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