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Any Games where i can lead an army while also taking part of the battle?

Content of the article: "Any Games where i can lead an army while also taking part of the battle?"

So im sorry for the bad title but explaining isnt really something what im good at.

What im looking for is Some game where i basically start out with (almost) nothing up to a point where i have an army i can also play as.

It may still be hard to understand but I could provide some examples and hope that you can get a better understanding.

The First game related to what im looking for is "Feudalism 2". Its an old flash game that has quite a few things to offer of what i like. But sadly it wont last for long and therefore it will be hard to play that game ever again. What i like about it is that i start as a sort of character that can have numerous different equipments, skills and abilities. But what i like the most is that i can recruit my own army and can have them battle eachother while also having the option to join in.

The 2nd example which could also help is "Ravenfield". Basically you can be a soldier in that game and fight with your other fellow ai against other ai. There isnt much else interesting about it but still hopefully should help.

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There are also of course the "Total war" games which sounds very similar to what i look for. But the issue is that youre unable to play and can only watch around commanding big armies. The 2nd problem with it is that every individual soldier isnt really given much attention. It just feels empty in some sort of way.

Fourth is UEBS (Ultimate epic battle simulator) that actually seems to do a slightly better job at finding for what im looking for, but even there not only are individual battles kinda bad, but also the gameplay just doesnt fit really well since there isnt any kind of adventure in that game. You just make armys for both sides and done.

And Last one is TABS (Totally accurate battle simulator). This one actually is doing quite well in terms of single fights where every single unit counts. There are a few campaigns to do with a decent amount of different troops where i can control any unit i want. But even this one has problems that are rather lacking in terms of my interests.

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For when youre still unsure about what im looking for i can tell this. A game similar to "Feudalism 2" since most of the mechanics in that game are something i really like. And yes i could've tried following Rule 3 but its very hard for me to think about how im supposed to write that down in just a few words.

I really hope that you guys will help me out


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