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Any tips on how to cure gaming FOMO?

Content of the article: "Any tips on how to cure gaming FOMO?"

FOMO (Fear of missing out). This is a feeling that have followed and haunted me to different degrees through the years. To just very mildly to quite prevalent. It used to be tied to my huge backlog of games that I felt like I never "catched up to" (A phrase that sounds strange in itself since it sounds like you are actually working on something instead of just enjoying yourself). At my best times I can even be quite positive and think that oh boy do I have a long list of awesome games to look forward too instead of not knowing what to play next. But my FOMO has turned much more toward Online games these days.

More and more games seem to require an online component, and there is also a longer and longer list of games that are actually not playable anymore since the servers are down. This is what causes me most FOMO for real. Just the knowledge that there might be a game or several games out there that I might love to death, but never get around to playing because they might be bricks when I "get around to them".

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On the other hand on a logical level I also understand that all this FOMO is a malicious trick of the mind even here. If I really think about it in the extreme (which is the reality) there will be (if the human race don't exterminate itself) millions of games that are awesome beyond my imagination that will be released after I am dead that I will never experience. So why should I even get FOMO about a few bricked Online games that are not playable anymore? On a logical level that makes sense, but even though I can tell myself it, the brain still does not answer that well to logic.

Have anyone else experienced these FOMO thoughts, and even better still come up or learned some way to think about it that makes the FOMO less prevelant? I do have my moments where that seem to happen, but it fells kind out of my control when I do have a more sound mind toward it and when I feel more "possessed" by the FOMO ghost without really being able to control that feeling.

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