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Anyone else ever feel this way?

Content of the article: "Anyone else ever feel this way?"

I love MMO's, they have been my escape from stress ever since middle school. As I have grown up and played more MMO's I just feel empty still. Like not one MMO has everything I am looking for and I havent found one that has brought me the joy as I had when I was playing back in the day. I like the traditional tab target MMO's and started off playing WoW during BC but then went over to GW1 and fell in love there. To me thats the happiest playing that game. Exploring the world feeling like a true RPG, making new friends and so on, Downing bosses and grinding for those rare items or materials. Below is just a rant mostly to have a word vomit of what I am feeling to possibly make sense of the clump my brain feel. Im just an old MMO player looking for something new/old to bring me back and help me get lost in another world. Any comments below that you think would help I appreciate it.

Today MMOs dont seem that way to me, i feel like everything is rushed towards end game just to get time gated and repeat the same content over and over again with very little to no reward. A lot has changed in my life and I keep thinking its just me because im stressed or maybe depressed or whatever like why cant I enjoy the MMOs i once did. I just feel like the expansive, immersive style games I once enjoyed are slowly fading away and the genre I have spent from age 14 until now at 28 are mostly gone. The devs have taken the shell of the games I have loved and turned them into a money grab and keep us waiting long enough and when we almost get fed up they show us something new to keep us coming back again and again. I have tried almost all MMOs out trying to find one that had what I was looking for. A great story/quest line that felt rewarding, end game content that further built on those stories and either open world/ arena style pvp. I know a lot of games offer that like WoW, Gw2, FF14, ESO, SWTOR, and so on but there is always something in each one of those games that push me away.

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I play MMOS to have fun and make friends and be a part of a community thast is truly amazing. I also feel like a lot of communities have become toxic and you get more hurtful people who ruin the game rather than people who want to help others learn the games and make them better. I have seen it time and time again either directed at myself or new people who have joined in our groups. I guess I will stop my rambling. Thanks for taking the time to read this


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