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Anyone Else Have Ridiculous Issues With Ubisoft Agents?

Content of the article: "Anyone Else Have Ridiculous Issues With Ubisoft Agents?"

First off, there have been some decent, good times I've had with them, however the majority of the time they're a convoluted minagare of a mess. They will not read entire tickets, read the requested documentation; do endless runarounds that put the time loops in Dr. Strange to shame. Not to mention they'll contradict themselves, or straight up lie. For example they'll say " No, you've only been a Ubi Member for 4 years " yet when Ubisoft Connect finally rolled out my correct patronage updated: 11 years (2008 actually). But when things really got annoying was a year ago with the release of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Particularly their Wildlands rewards program. (keep this in mind because it'll become relevant to today's recent BS). There were a series of rewards that required certain in-game actions to have been preformed by a certain date (example: Complete The Silent Spade Cancer Mission) to get the subsequent rewards (IE :I honestly forget, as Ubisoft took them off if Ubisoft Club a few months after). Well something happened where my progress wasn't being carried over. It took me from September until LATE January to get it resolved. Now I'm having the same issue here with Hyper Scape. In particularly that Laz Slasher Champion Reward for logging in on that subsequent Sunday. Which I did, and in the mess and confusion of Ubisoft Connect, it, along with several other in gane items (mainly the PS Plus Packs) dissappeared. Eventually they reappeared, and upon logging in everytime they always come up with a " new " icon. After providing so much proof I reached their attachment limit, they said they'd add it to my account. After almost a week later they went and decided to backtrack and say that no, they're not going to, I don't qualify for it. Even tho I provided proof, and they themselves said they'd add it in, not to mention the similar issues I've had with my Account across a plethora of games.

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So, I'd like to hear from you guys, your horror stories, and any stories you have about Ubisoft Support Agents. Because after 11+ years of patronage I'm tired of how they treat us as customers.


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