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Anyone else see the game pass model as a resurgence of the demo discs of old?

Content of the article: "Anyone else see the game pass model as a resurgence of the demo discs of old?"

Let's take a journey back in time. Its 2001, you've just finished school and your mum's bought you the latest playstation magazine for about 4/5 quid. With it is a demo disc that lets you play mostly full levels of upcoming games. That single disc would keep you entertained for months on end, but wait, there's another next month! Sometimes that next disc would have a lot of the same demos, but there was enough new stuff to keep you happy.

Now, let's have a look at today. Gaming magazine sales are essentially nonexistent, demo discs are a relic of a bygone age and all your reviews and news are coming from online sources. Now someone comes along and says hey, give me £5 and you can play a bunch of full games all month! We might take some of those games off from month to month, but we'll put new stuff in as well to keep it fresh, and some stuff is just there to stay!

It serves almost the same purpose as demo discs as well. "Hmm idk what game I/my kid wants to spend a full £50/£60 on so I'll spend this little 5 and see what I/they're into, hell I/they might just be happy with that big selection"

There's always the argument that the platform caters more towards "games as a service" style games, and while that is a fair and accurate assessment, it's worth noting that it's in no way harmful to the "piece of art masterpiece labour of love" games either. For example, if red dead 2 or cyperpunk (when it releases) were on a game pass, it wouldn't hurt them at all, as long as the time they're on that platform is properly assessed. So for red dead, you wouldn't leave it on there for 2 years, that'd be ridiculous. As would having it available at launch. No, you release your big masterpiece as normal, the already invested audience buy it as they would anyway and then six months later you add it to a game pass for six-twelve months. This allows all the people that were half convinced to get it to give it a shot, as well as the people that just can't afford it. Then they either complete it in time, or they're much more likely to want to save and buy the game (if it's good of course).

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I thought it when Xbox first launched the service, but I'm becoming even more and more convinced that this is one of the best things to happen in gaming for years now.


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