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Anyone have any extensive experience with FRAG?

I've been downloading a BUNCH of games lately because I've been getting bored with the ones I usually play. Haven't had any luck whatsoever, until I found FRAG.

FRAG is a multiplayer arena shooter in which you create a team of 5 characters and try to lower your opponent's score to 0 by either killing enemies and making it to their side of the base to destroy their "flags" for lack of a better term.

When you start the match, you start as one of the 5 characters in your team. When you die, you can choose to respawn as any of the other characters and you take over control of them wherever they currently are on the map.

My apprehensiveness lies in the mechanics of how you collect characters. They're represented as cards and if you've ever played any type of gacha games then you know why I'm a bit skeptical.

  • There's 2 currencies, gold and gems. I'm sure you all know the implications of this. The character cards are gained by opening loot boxes and progressing in rank. You can upgrade them by spending duplicates of the card that you earn.

  • Spending money in this game is not limited to cosmetics and the more gems you have, the quicker you can open crates and buy gold, leading to stronger teams.

  • It's a multiplayer shooter. Don't think I need to give my reasoning for including it as a notable point.

  • The MTX starts at $0.99 but goes all the way up to $99.99

I've given money to many mobile games that I play. Sometimes it turns out to be worth the money, and sometimes $5 will get me another half hour to play before I'm once again overlapped by whales. I fully support devs when I enjoy their games. I spend $60 on PC games and if I get 30-60 hours out of it then I'm perfectly comfortable with spending that money.

I'm wondering if any of you have played FRAG to a point where you hit a heavy paywall. I've been playing for a few hours and it's not really showing any signs of shafting me if I don't spend money. But like I pointed out above, this game is the epitome of p2w in concept, and I don't want to eventually throw down some money for it only to learn that I'd need to continue doing it if I want to enjoy the game.


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