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Anyone lose their gaming groups and looking for more? How?

Content of the article: "Anyone lose their gaming groups and looking for more? How?"

After spending half my break reading about all the mmorpgs, trying to find a way to scratch the itch – one thing I've noticed is that there are certainly a lot of games that aren't for me (I'm not interested in the end game being the only part of the game (Looking at you, Albion, BDO). I'm also not super interested in.

However, more importantly, I noticed that I actually just really need a group. Most of the experiences I miss were because of the people I was playing with and the connections I had. Unfortunately, I was too young and naïve back in the WoW vanilla days to maintain many of those connections.

My wife doesn't play video games, but in the rare times she feels like it, I always enjoy it, even if I'd never play the game solo. I also play games with a few good friends I've made through another friend that I wouldn't play solo – like Halo Campaign, etc.

That's what made me realize that more than anything, I just need a great group of gamers again.

Classic WoW scratched a lot of the gaming itch, but I decided to not keep playing a year ago because the community seemed so "rush, boost, min max, etc". I've come to the realization that much of it was the people I was playing with (friends of a friend I didn't jive with – typical edgelord stuff).

So, how do you find a new MMO group nowadays? Playing LoL, I could meet people here and there. Sometimes in WoW I could find someone…but mostly…everyone seems in their groups or ways already.

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In the end, I've realized, my motivations are largely

  1. PvP. Love the thrill of PvP, and love random world pvp.
  2. Variety of combat that feels like it packs a punch
  3. Questing with friends / groups and getting into skirmishes.

So I'm going to start classic WoW again, and search for some like minded gamers on Grobbulus if anyone is interested, and maybe take a retail character somewhere as well (or level up one of my various characters).

Alternatively, if you have any good ideas for ways to connect with other gamers more readily, give me your thoughts? I'll try posting on some forums looking for a group.


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