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Anyone noticed that indie becomed an equivalent to high quality games in gaming community?

Not a fan of indie gaming, despite I liked some of them and played much. But anyone think that worshipping indie games in general becomed normal in gaming community?

To be honest, I'm tired hearing argument why indie games are superior. Sure, a good indie game will always better than badly maded AAA game, but this is lot a reason to say why indies in general are better. There are many good AAA games from big studios. The problem is that a horrible maded AAA game will become an object of scandals because it's a game which are people waited for couple of years. Badly maded indie games in contrast are usually unknown for people, so this is why stereotype about superiority of indies.

Most of games on my PC are indies not because I prefer them more. This is because they are cheap and don't weight much on my hard disk. AAA games are giving a lot of content and I even can't achieve the full playthrough. If I will download every AAA game, my hard drive will be full. Some AAA games are having over 100 GB!

I just wonder why gamers love to worship indie games if most of them are horrible maded. Look at Steam or eShop. There are too much of mediocre maded PS1 horrors and pixel art platformers. I played many indie games, but these people played only few which are just hyped because YouTuber recommend it.

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Today "indie" becomed an equivalent of "high quality masterpiece" game, and people would buy any marketable indie game. For example, Loop Hero selled well because of Devolver Digital's marketing.

«You see an AA game? Don't buy it, it's just another garbage from evil corporation. If you will buy, you're a horrible person. You buyed an indie game? Oh, I see you're a gamer of culture!»

And people will worship any hyped indie game, even it's just a casual mobile game. Helltaker, for example, it's just a casual game which becomed popular because it's free and uses demon girl in suits fetish. It's just a casual game, but many hardcore gamers worship it. Or, for example, Among Us. A mobile casual game which hardcore gamers maded a cult.

I just don't understand this cargo cult of indie gaming. They are nice, but it's idiotic to say why they surpress games from big studios.


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