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Ape Out – I never realized that I needed to be a stealthy gorilla until playing this game

Content of the article: "Ape Out – I never realized that I needed to be a stealthy gorilla until playing this game"

Before I get into the review, why do I mention stealth? Well I first heard of this game through a video by Game Maker’s Toolkit. In it, he mentions that the dev for Ape Out originally started it as a stealth game. Apparently, the grab mechanics were so much fun that he pivoted and the game that we have now is the result. But you can still see the stealth roots in the game. Coming around the corner fast and attacking without hesitation is core to good gameplay. Sometimes, running for cover or just plain running away is actually the best play! So the game ends up playing like an extremely fast paced stealth game where everyone is a glass cannon including you!

So I won’t be shy about saying that I absolutely loved this game. It probably ranks a 9 or 10 out of 10 for me.

Here’s what made it good:

  • Minimalist design – I really appreciate games which cut out all the fluff and just focus on doing one thing extremely well. This is one of those games. In the end you only have four inputs (move, aim, grab, throw/push), but the developers push these to the max and manage to make 31 engaging levels out of them! And honestly, I didn’t ever feel like the game got stale because I was constantly encountering new situations and trying to decide how to react.
  • Cathartic gameplay – Honestly, just wrecking Sh*t is fun! This game makes me feel the same as Diablo or gauntlet games where you just wade into massive waves of enemies and destroy them. The game begs for 100% of your attention and quick reaction times so 30 minutes can easily wash away the stress of the work day.
  • Arcade mode – Once I finished my first album I was very happy to notice the arcade mode. I think that this really adds a lot of replayability to the game for me. Sure, I beat the whole thing in a few hours, but I’ll likely keep coming back to it periodically just for fun.
  • Additive Gameplay – I think that the devs did a really good job of just adding mechanics one at a time as you move through the levels. This really helps keep things fresh and helps almost every level to have its own distinct feel. I felt this most on level 2 when I believe the game really wanted me to learn to grab and through enemies. I must have replayed the level for 1 hour and die 40 times before I finally managed to learn the lesson. But once I learned it, I started to roflstomp the subsequent levels.
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Here are the few things which I didn’t like so much about the game:

  • The music is fantastic and I definitely recommend that everyone play at least a little bit with the music on. That being said, I found that I played better without it on. I think it just generally put me on edge, and the constant cymbal crashes gave me a headache after playing for too long.
  • The final level in every album felt uninventive. It always felt like they said “what else can we do to make this hard?” “I dunno….add like 50% more enemies?”


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