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Are you able to make reviews based on short impressions?

Content of the article: "Are you able to make reviews based on short impressions?"

The rule of thumb for any game review is that you can't say anything good or bad about it until you had some time elapsed. 2 hours is the magic number for most games, to gain a feel or an idea about whether or not you'll play this game or whether or not you'd recommend it to anybody.

But there's some of us, I being one of them, that can quickly immerse into the game itself and get a gauge in a shorter span of time. About half an hour to an hour's worth, roughly. Lots of internal questions come to my mind that summarizes my time with the game before I can make a judgment. The process continues when I comb over only Negative-related reviews and I read them because it helps me determine whether or not people have felt similarly to my experience. Positive reviews don't really help because 9 times out of 10, people will always get weird in worshiping the game and using subjective opinions like "this game is the best ever!" or "the developers really worked so hard to give us a great game!" that don't really help matters.

And in the end, I jot down a two or more paragraph review that could recommend or not recommend the game based on this experience and procedure. Giving as much of a neutral or not as bashing look at the game instead of just writing it off as "it sucks lol" which is an annoying summary people do yet it supposedly gets voted as "helpful" sometimes.

It's just, sometimes, I don't really like to pour hours ahead of time in a game that I could very much not enjoy and wouldn't warrant me to revisit it again. Battletoads 2020 for example, didn't make me want to revisit it and I didn't like it at all. Whereas Streets of Rage 4 kinda did even though I didn't like that game either and it's only slightly better than Battletoads. Some games are an exception to this, of course.

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Edit: Okay so this post generally ruffled some feathers and the only responses I took time to read and will address are ones that are pretty reasonable. Notably about the ones pointing out the RPG genre. I will concede by saying that it is next to impossible to come up with a concise view on any RPG within 30 minutes. You just can't. It's a whole interactive story that takes time to get into and requires 2 – maybe even 8 hours to get a grasp about what's going on. I can probably say the same thing for RTS games because they take an awfully long time for anything to happen.

On any other game genre than RPG/RTS, you can pretty much get a feel for the game and understand it's environment in less time. All it takes is immersion and forming a basis under how you personally feel that isn't affected by fluffed up influence about a game.

And don't let people who feel like armchair novelists dictate what's a review to you. Just because we aren't Jim Sterling, Ben Croshaw or Angry Joe doesn't mean we aren't allowed to review games based on our experiences and our time invested into the game. Don't let those people bring you down.


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