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ARK: Survival Evolved evokes the same feeling I had when first playing Minecraft and I love it

Content of the article: "ARK: Survival Evolved evokes the same feeling I had when first playing Minecraft and I love it"

I started playing Minecraft in early Beta and that feeling of being alone in a world you don't understand, where so many things are trying to kill you made for some of my most memorable and enjoyable gaming moments. It's with great pleasure that I got to relieve this feeling with Ark Survival Evolved. This post will have spoilers about things you encounter in the game, so beware. I'm paying this game practically blind as well.

I wanna first state that I'm playing on a non official server with just a friend of mine. Besides us, the world is empty, save for a very small hut that someone built before us. I feel like this is important, because being almost alone in this new and dangerous world makes it seem much less hospitable and I think I wouldn't have had the same experience with big big tribes running around with mega tech one shoting things. This way, the world has not yet been tamed, and it's for me and my friend to explore it.

It seems that every single night we decide to play, a memorable thing happens. Those initial nights where we had no idea what to do, running from everything that moved was some of the most fun I've had with gaming in a while. When we started to figure things out and made a little hut, we thought we were strong enough and decided to start exploring our island. "Let's just get around this bay to see what's there", we said. Raptors, giant snakes, giant crocodiles, Spinossaurus, everything. Of course we died multiple times, and we kept respawning in random locations to try to grab our stuff. Navigating the swamps at night and being terrified of something hitting you in the back gave me the same feeling of mining in a cave and hearing a creeper's hiss. The last time we played, our main goal was to tame this gigantic dinossaur, that we later learned was called Titanossaur. If you know the game, you'll know how poorly it went, but it was still so much fun. Positioning ourselves with our crossbows and "yelling" our war cries may seem ridiculous but makes it much more immersive and fun. So much stuff to do and explore, I really am in love with this game.

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Now, I'll say that I have not played it a lot yet. I've played around 12 hours, but I don't see myself burning out soon. I've heard that, in the later stages, the game starts becoming a grind. I haven't reached there, so I can't comment. I will also say that I haven't encountered bugs and glitches in the game, as apparently a lot of people have.

The one complaint I have about the game are the piranhas. I haaate them. When you want to cross a small body of water and a bunch of them gang up on you, you're toast. But I think that's what they're there for. ๐Ÿ™‚

I got the game free on Epic Games, but I wouldn't have minded paying for it. Based on what I see around here, and what I've enjoyed with Ark, I think I'll also like Subnautica, which I also got for free


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