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As a person looking for an MMORPG, I find myself unable and unhappy with my options due to a self-created belief of a new player ‘curve’

Content of the article: "As a person looking for an MMORPG, I find myself unable and unhappy with my options due to a self-created belief of a new player ‘curve’"

Before I post my ramblings, this isn't a post to circumvent rule 7, it's just something I would like to discuss as someone new the genre but not thrilled or excited to play my current options.

I would argue I'm newish to the MMORPG genre, despite playing classic Runescape over twelve years ago when I was 10 and more recently playing Destiny 2 with my friends on console. Despite all the big announcements with new consoles, rather than continue and get the PS5, my friends and I have decided to make the switch over to PC's, which we unanimously agreed the three of us would love to play an MMORPG.

My problem however is there is no MMORPG right now that I'm aware of that calls to me due to how burnt out due to games like Destiny and I know its not an MMO but also Monster hunter world. My friends are keen to kinda mess about until we find something which you know is fine, for example, we are thinking of trying FFXIV first.

Though I've got this weird nagging in my head about this sorta made up the curve of being a new player. It's not a matter of being unable to compete with veteran players or specific mechanics or raids or required levels to take part in something or time spent. (That is a slight lie, lots of mechanics and messy UI scares me) but rather the world, the story, the enemies, the lore… it's all mapped out, its all been done time and time over again by hundreds of thousands if not millions of players before me at this point.

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For me, there is no magic to it. Yeah, that might ruffle some feathers as I know most people say you can probably catch up pretty quickly and do these things too, but there is something about being part of the people who explores something for the first time. For me its when you have the potential to find something new and exciting. I thought as a long time player of D2, with the release of Forsaken and Shadowkeep I would have the same feeling, but I didn't and quickly found myself done with Destiny.

I want a new world, something fresh which I can proudly say I was there when the magic happened, where everyone is having fun and setting historic groundwork into the game's history. Don't mistake me as saying I want to be the one to be setting all the groundwork, that's greedy, but I want to be able to say I was part of the community that did this, that thoerised or discovered this, who worked together to crack this, who found or killed this. I don't want to just join a prexisting MMORPG and be carried to the new stuff of that game? I don't know if that makes sense, or any of this makes sense? I just wanted to express and maybe discuss my thoughts.


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