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As an Xbox player who recently started playing PS4 games, a few things I’ve noticed about Sony’s first party

Content of the article: "As an Xbox player who recently started playing PS4 games, a few things I’ve noticed about Sony’s first party"

First, I do want to say that Sony is, without a doubt the undisputed heavy weight champion of making these third person action adventure games. Although some people have criticized Sony for lacking "variety" (although they have other genre's like baseball, platformers etc) I actually applaud Sony for doing what they do best.

Why? Because its what their fanbase wants. Seriously who the fuck is begging Sony to make an RTS or a beat em up? I always say let Sony be Sony and keep hammering away at those games that the fanbase will buy a PS5 for

So far I've bought 4 Playstation first party games, Until Dawn, Ratchet, Spider-man, Horizon Zero Dawn. Also bought P5Royal but that's a Sega game and not first party

Until Dawn and Ratchet are both fantastic games, Ratchet really is probably of the highest quality AA level game and it feels like in a day and age where the most notable games are either big AAA games or indie darlings, its nice to see smaller scale games stand out. Until Dawn was straight up hilarious with all the horror movie tropes and cliches

Between Spider-man and Horizon ZD, I'm having a blast with Spider-man. Could be because I've read nearly every Ultimate Spider-man comic but Insomniac really killed it with an original story and did a great job on the different Spider-suits. Only issue is some of the boss fights were weak and playing as Miles and especially MJ can really kill the pacing of the game. That said I truly believe Insomniac is the best Sony developer aside Sony Santa Monica. Yes I even think they're better than Naughty Dog

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On the other hand Horizon Zero Dawn….I'm sorry I tried but….this game is sooooo fucking boring….for some reason after Rost died which is pretty early in the game the game took a nose dive and I suddenly stopped giving a shit. The actual fights against the machines are great but fighting human enemies suck, I have no idea what's going on in the plot, I don't care about any of the characters aside Rost who's dead. I got to the second major town and gave up out of boredom. I think the worst part of the game is the crafting, its just so pointless. You hear near infinite amount of arrows because you can always craft more and never run out of materials making the 20/20 arrow capacity pointless, the upgrade system is pretty shallow and doesn't make much difference in Aloy's abilities.

Maybe I'll check out HFW if they improve on some of the above but I think I'm done with Horizon, I've learned that if you have to force your way through a game to find enjoyment its not worth playing.

3 out of 4 though, not bad, more than enough to justify copping a PS5 when it goes on sale.


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