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As someone who got a PS3 in late 2014, I cant recommend the console enough

The envy:

For the 7th gen, I went with the Xbox 360 and even though that console has brought me so many memories and good times, I remember always being jealous of my friends who owned a PS3. A blu-ray player? Free online? Uncharted, God of War, Infamous, Metal Gear Solid and all those marvelous HD collections!? PS1 classics?

It just seemed like the PS3 outshined the 360 in every area that mattered to me. I specifically bought a 360 to play through the Halo sequels and Gears of War. But other than that, there was very little to explore that I wouldnt have been able to experience on the PS3. As a gaming enthusiast, it bothered me that so many classics and staple franchises were inaccessible to me.

Late Adopter:

I eventually got a PS3 in late 2014 as I was leaving high school. My friend gave it to me for 80 bucks. I cannot even begin to stress what a steal that was and I knew I was going to get an insane amount of value with it. My time with the PS3 came at a very strange time in my life. I would be going to college and wouldnt really have much time nor the disposable income to enjoy it. Those first few months with it tho were magical. I played Klonoa from PS1, The Last of Us was an absolute masterpiece that came at the perfect, somber time of my life, and I played a bit of Black Ops online, free from any service fee which was a cool way to unwind. Other than that, my initial time was really short. I played some random games I got on cheap like Mirrors Edge and Force Unleashed. I also downloaded the Mass Effect Trilogy. It was really cool knowing I finally had all the DLC for ME2. Other than that tho, I really didnt have much to play yet.

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Back From School:

As predicted, I didnt have much time for my PS3. I brought it with me to college but it became more of a way for us to watch YouTube, Netflix, and blu-rays. Rarely did I use it to play video games. In fact, checking my game save files, I touched it once in August 2015 and never again the rest of that school year in terms of games.

That summer back tho, I went nuts. I finally went back and played Infamous, the Uncharted trilogy, I finally finished the Mass Effect games and got into Jak n Daxter. I also played some PS2 classics like Katamari and Twisted Metal Black. I brought the system with me to college again, this time playing it much more frequently. Devil May Cry, Stick of Truth, Saints Row 3, and Tomb Raider 2012 are the ones I remember off the top of my head (it's actually making me nauseous to remember this was over 4 years ago). Seriously wtf.


The PS3 was my gaming console of choice for year. I didnt even get my PS4 until holiday 2018, four whole years after my PS3. And even up until then, I played PS3 regularly. The God of War trilogy, the Metal Gear Solid games, Shadows of the Collosus, Crash Bandicoot, and Max Payne 3 are just a few of the games I played in late 2018 alone. I also played a ton of Black Ops 1 multiplayer which again, was neat. Couldnt believe it still had a very large playerbase. What's cool is there were still deals on the shop too which I didnt expect.

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Even a few weeks ago, I bought the Ratchet and Clank Trilogy off PSN with a PS Card I got for christmas, and I do use my PS3 to play any PS1 games that come my way too. It's been a bit cumbersome having to bust out my PS3 and unplug my PS4 every time but the PS3 is an absolute beast. Sure, a ton of those games have been remastered and improved, but the PS3 offers a way to play so many series and exclusives in a convenient way. A PS3 nets you:

Every God of War game except PS4

Metal Gear Solid 1-5

Ratchet and Clank, every title except PS4

Crash Bandicoot 1-3

Spyro the Dragon 1-3

Jak n Daxter Trilogy HD

Infamous 1 and 2


Sly Cooper Trilogy HD

The Last of Us

Killzone Trilogy

Resistance Trilogy

Demon Souls


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