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As someone who was extremely hyped for Ninjala, I have to say this was the WORST introduction to a game I have EVER gotten…

I am baffled…. I mean, I get home from work, just downloaded the game, tried it, got reckt by people that are level 15+, the tutorial barely served anything, it doesn't teach you a thing and leaves you hanging… I mean, it's like the game doesn't want you to stick around.

First: forcing me to click on every menu button to know what it means is already a bad sign. I mean, You can kind of guess what everything is supposed to mean but if you don't have much experience with these types of games, even the menu is already a challenge to get through.

You get into a tutorial that kind of explains what each button does but it doesn't explain a THING in terms of interaction, matchup, basic strats, NOTHING. what can i defend? What can I not defend? What's that QTE kind of sequence when I get attacked? How do I always fail it while my oponents seem to always nail it?

I really want to try the game but it's like it doesn't really let me…. I mean when Overwatch has a better tutorial than your game, you really need to worry.

Do i have to pay the story mode to understnd and learn about those mechanics? But then what's the point of being F2P?

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Am I just too stupid and old to understand this game? I really don't get this game at all. And after not even 48h of release feeling overwhelmed by more "experienced" players is not a good sign imo. Again, Maybe I'm just too stupid for this game. But the fact that I already spent more time waiting for matches than playing and getting kicked out of matches even though it doesn't seem very busy is also not reassuring.

I wanted to make a video on my channel on the game, but at this point I can't even figure the game out. I wanted to look for the base tutorial again, nope impossible tk find it in this comic menu tbh. I found the training mode but what? I'm supposed to get pummeled until I get an epiohany on how the game works?

I'll probably do it but man… this game and I are definitely off to a bad start…


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