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Hello all,

So I spent a few days being hyped about this "Western" MMO Ashes of creation. The mechanics sounded cool but the more I looked into the game the more I see deep rooted flaws in the games and its current community.

Firstly, AoC is only a Western MMORPG in name alone, when you look at some of its design choices, purchasable skins and Armor aesthetics you quickly realize that the game is basically BDO/Archeage with fresh paint.

Stuffed Bears as Mounts, Duck ships with heart flags. Heavy Armor that looks like a Korean boy band with fantasy armor. Everything is screaming alarm bells, the red alert signal is going off in my head.

Which is a shame because the game on paper sounds cool, like really cool, but this I believe is going to get them taunted by Western Players. The CEO is trying to make a Niche Audience game for an open Western audience which will simply review the game poorly with this design and the Korean MMORPG players will just stick with their bread and butter games.

Things are being designed to be Cute and Anime in style rather than more typical Western styles such as Tolkien.

Secondly the community, the community because of these design choices has attracted many Korean MMO type players whom are whispering sweet nothings into Stevens ears with praise all the time. Just the other day the community was in favor of things like Archeage style gearing RNG and Cosmetics resale on the player market.

These things will not fly once the game at large is released to Western players, and will simply result in the game getting absolutely eviscerated in rating, reviews and word of mouth. These things may work great in Eastrrn markets, but that's the difference, Eastern markets.

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Now nobody wants the game to be WoW, or Wildstar or EQ and thats fine and great and I agree, but they need to remember they're designing a Western game. Tights, Korean boy band plate armor and Anime mounts arent going to cut it.

Third, the node system in the game requires both Casuals and Hardcore players, and while there are a ton of Weebs out there, I don't believe there will be enough for this game to run the nodes as they need be. I also feel Western Hardcores and PvP types will simply pass up the game anyway, as the game isn't being setup to be high competitive with certain mechanics not going into the game. Casuals, Western casuals, wont likely be into the aesthetic, losing their immersion and sticking around for a few weeks maybe a month to two at most. You're going to be left with a dwindling user base for a game with a node system that requires a substantial player base.

The sooner Steven and the community wake up to this fact, the better.


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