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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is boring and a grind fest. I just can’t see what people like in this game.

Content of the article: "Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is boring and a grind fest. I just can’t see what people like in this game."

I'm playing Assassins Creed Odyssey. It's been 10 hours but man it felt like 100. It's soo boring. I played every AC game except the ones that never came out on PC and (Valhalla of course). I even played and finished Origins even though I thought it was boring but I just can't go any further in Odyssey. People praised the game a lot and said it was better than Origins. But I just can't see it. It's still grind fest, side missions and other challenges are so boring, main story isn't really impressive. And the mercenary system is absolute shit. They always come out of nowhere and killing them is useless and waste of time. I don't care about the loot they dropped it doesn't make me feel like I'm progressed. Character development isn't that for me. I want more emotional development instead of visual and statistical.

I had bigger expectations for this game because I love ancient Greece, geography is very familiar where I live and there are a lot great stories in ancient Greece. But this game doesn't contain any of it. They created a dead, soulless Greece. There are a lot of content that doesn't add anything to game, there are so many NPC's yet they don't make me feel they're alive, map navigation is absolute garbage I'm having hard time finding stuff.

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As a fan of the older AC games (my top 3 AC games are 2, Rogue, Syndicate) this new direction feels so grindy and boring. I played AC for it's story and the world it created. Even AC 3 and Unity which are the ones I hated before had better stories.

I don't like seeing entire countries in AC. I want well designed cities like Rome, Paris, London. I prefer quality over quantity. I never wanted a AC to become a giant game that I can't finish even playing 100 hours. I just want to enjoy the environment and an above average story that I can finish in 20-30 hours.

I don't know if I will be able to finish Odyssey. Or will it get better? Should I spend more than 10 hours to see what the game actually offers? If you liked the game what did you do in the game most?


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