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Assassin’s Creed Origins in an awesome game, that would benefit from being smaller

My Ubisoft history is not great, it all started in 2014 with Assassin's Creed Blackflag, a game I bought a couple of months after it came out, and played only through the first mission. The reason I quit the game at the time was due to it's gameplay, I was 14, and the ps3 was my first console, so I just found AC to be hard, especially the stealth parts.

Months go by and I buy Far Cry 4 for Christmas, I bought the collector's edition with Pagan Min statue and everything, I had never played a shooter at the time, and again I did not understand stealth at all, so I dropped that game as well. Fast forward in time, 2020 comes and the pandemic hits, I discovered this subreddit and what being a patient gamer was, it was one of the best things in my life, since I got through a lot of games, building my gaming experience, and discovering literal pieces of art, that will stick with me for my entire life. Having played games like wolfenstein and dishonored, the stealth mechanics seemed to have become much easier. I tried AC Blackflag again, last october, and this time the reason I dropped it was because I did not enjoy the naval combat at all, and having to dig up my ps3 every time to play it, was not practical, so I figured I should try another AC game, this time on a new console generation, so I bought Assassin's Creed Origins since it was on sale at the time. No more day 1 buys for me.

Talking about the game. The experience was really good, Egypt is gorgeous and the attention to detail was insane, every time I reached a new location I was floored by it, and asked myself how did they manage to make such a detailed city.

The main story was good, but nothing out of this world, the assassinations were great, and I loved how every time you killed a target you would go to this dimension so that they would be punished by the gods. Some assassinations were awesome and some just felt very underwhelming. My favourite one was 'the hyena', her story was pretty sad, and the sci fi elements inside of the cave, with the talking obelisk had me wondering what the hell was that about. The missions leading up to 'the Lizard' were also insane, especially the dream sequence, but the assassination itself was underwhelming. My least favourite one was 'the Crocodile', that mission was just dull, and hetepi just seemed bland to me.

Now let's about what I hated the most in Blackflag, the naval combat. This time around I had lots of fun doing it, maybe because it was more contained, but I like how they implemented the battle mechanics and the amazing graphics were a huge plus.

The ending was also very good, having not played an AC game before it was nice to see how the creed started, and that Julius Caesar assassination was epic, I always loved the story of how Brutus murders Caesar has he gasps 'tu quoque brute fili mi'. What a nice ending

Now for I didn't like. The game was big for the sake of being big. The map was cluttered with objectives, many of which were pointless and almost every side quest was a fetch, escort or 'go ahead and kill this guy for me' missions. It all was very repetitive. The missions were like:

Random npc: my are sick

Bayek: I will look into it

Bayek: oh turns out it was the priest poisoning them

Random npc: you have to kill him

And just like that another priest bites the dust for poisoning some animal, this exact mission happened like three times.

I feel like if the game was smaller and if they didn't make a game every two years, the game would have benefited from all of it's potential. I wished that they had put more effort in the writing of the side content. Egypt has a lot of good stories and myths that they could've used, but I guess they chose quantity over quality.

I still have some side stuff to do, and I will definitely give this game some more time, especially with all of the gladiator stuff. I will also go back to both AC Blackflag and Far Cry 4, since I had a really good time playing through Origins.


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