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Assassins Creed Origins, its still AC

Content of the article: "Assassins Creed Origins, its still AC"

Hey 🙂

So a quick background check on my AC knowledge.

I played AC1 but didnt finish it. Played AC2 and finished that, but that was ages ago.

Then for many many years I was hating on AC for no good reasons. Since hating on ubisoft and AC is a popular thing to do.

Now years later with the hype of AC Vahalla I decided to try the first of the 'new' style assassins games.

Origin was overall a very fun journey. I played for around 41 hours before I hit the credits.


It starts and ends with a revenge story. But thats just the overall story thread. Theres a bunch of lore to see if you want.

Egypt is a realy nice place to be in, hearing people talk about the gods and how the world works was fun. The very few modern day and (ancient ones?) Plots are nice. But there wasnt enought.

Overall 7/10 for story.


Bayek and Aya are really good characters but sadly apart from them you dont spent that much time with any others to really get to know them.

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Having played ghost of tsushima, this game felt familiar. The combat started out nice and for a few enemies its really fun. The problem comes when you need to do a bunch of fighting. It doesnt offer that mamy options.

Thats why I mostly stuck to the shadows and backstabbed all that dared to come in my way.

That leads me to the next point:

This still feels like an assasins creed game

I saw so many people talking how this isnt a realy one anymore. And that it changed too much. But I was still able to sneak and stab my way through the game.

Open world

Maaaaan. This is the prime example that bigger isnt better and that open world bloat is a real problem.

There was 7 Zones SEVEN whole zones I never even entered during the game. And Im not talking about DLC areas.

Towns feel empty. Theres not much to do. You get your few trader npc and a few side quests but nothing more. Dialogue is repeated way too much in this game.

Then theres the '?' Things on the map.

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By god. Doing a few on the way too quests is fine, but if you try to do all you will go insane.

Theres way too many. If they were reduced by 50% and make more fun and unique then it would have been better.

Lastly the rewards AKA the loot is shit. Lile really.

You get so much and 99.95% is just fodder to sell or dismantle.

Quests also mostly give you EXP and nothing else. If you want to upgrade things with materials you need to go out and hunt animals.


Even with all the stuff I talked about, I would still give the game a 7/10 score.

I did enjoy my hours in the game, and even decided to give other AC games a try.

If you decide to play the game, try to stick to the main story, a few sidequests and questionmarks whenever you feel like them.


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