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Back 4 Blood – Review Thread

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Game Title: Back 4 Blood


  • PC (Oct 12, 2021)
  • Xbox One (Oct 12, 2021)
  • PlayStation 5 (Oct 12, 2021)
  • Xbox Series X/S (Oct 12, 2021)
  • PlayStation 4 (Oct 12, 2021)


Developer: Turtle Rock Studios

Publisher: Warner Bros. Games

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic – 80 average – 86% recommended – 8 reviews

Critic Reviews

GameGrinAdam Kerr7.5 / 10

Back 4 Blood has built on the great foundations that Left 4 Dead laid over a decade ago. The gameplay is brilliant, there's also that little bit more to keep the challenge fresh and to keep zombie killing fun.

Hobby ConsolasJavier CazallasSpanish80 / 100

We're back to the old cooperative mode of busting zombies like there is no tomorrow with Back 4 Blood, the heir to Left 4 Dead that keeps the essence of the franchise alive and incorporates new mechanics, but with lessons to be learned in the field of PvP.

PolygonRyan GilliamUnscored

Left 4 Dead is a beautiful relic, something I and many others spent hundreds of hours playing in high school and college. But with games like Warhammer: Vermintide 2 and even Aliens: Fireteam Elite branching out and taking more of a class-based approach, I was sure Back 4 Blood’s more classic bone structure would crumble under the pressure. But Back 4 Blood is more like that makeshift, armor-clad Hummer you see in every zombie show and movie: The bones of what it once was are easy to see, but it’s been reinforced to survive in a new environment. – Branislav Koh�t – Slovak8.5 / 10

Is it new Left 4 Dead or not? Are There some new improvements? Is it worth to play? Yes, Yes and Yes!

SpaziogamesItalian8 / 10

Back 4 Blood is more than Left 4 Dead 3 with another name. It presents a strategic use of cards and a well developed progression system that guarantees a lot of fun and replayability.

The Outerhaven ProductionsKarl Smart4 / 5 stars

Back 4 Blood is a good game, it improves on the Left 4 Dead formula in a way that is challenging and creative. However, the move to forcing people to advance the overall game by going online, being forced to work with randoms in a very badly connected cross-platform multiplayer games where without a solid communication base, resulting in Back 4 Blood being an experience in frustration rather than a very enjoyable game. If Turtle Rock allows for private games where you can do under 4 players with bots instead, then maybe this game can truly be something that is a must-own. But at the moment Back 4 Blood is only worth playing if you have a premade group of friends.

VGCJordan Middler3 / 5 stars

It seems backhanded to say that a game is only worth playing if you can find people to distract you from the actual game, but if your group wants something mindless to wind down after an intense night on Warzone or Rainbow Six: Siege, Back 4 Blood is ideal.

XboxEraJesse Norris7.2 / 10

It's a no-brainer to at least check out as it's on Game Pass, but poor controls on console serve as a great detriment to what otherwise can be a really fun time.


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