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Back to the Future: The Game is a must try for BTTF fans

Content of the article: "Back to the Future: The Game is a must try for BTTF fans"

I'm not sure if this is a great adventure, point-and-click game by its own merits, since I'm not too familiar with this genre of gaming. But it is a great Back to the Future game, probably the best that has ever been launched. This game is incredible, it develops the movie story in great ways and have a deep respect for the source material. If you learn how to forgive its flaws, you will have an elegant puzzle game, with great story and voice acting, and with a great sense of nostalgia about the movies.

I don't want to spoil it, so I will not reveal story information, but this is just great, this is BTTF 4 if we could have one. The story is very well thought and with interesting developments, and all the classic features are here in its full glory: Doc, the Delorean, the great soundtrack, you name it, it is all there for huge Back to the Future fans.

In the puzzle department, I think it is an elegant game, with clever puzzles that need some creative thought and some imagination to work out. I heard people saying this is an easy puzzle game, but I thought that was quite hard! Sometimes the story get stuck because you can't solve a puzzle, but the game has a clever hint system that makes it a bit easier without calling you dumb.

You have three levels of hints, the first two being more like indirect clues (very well handled, the clues itself are smart, funny and subtle enough), and the third one just telling what you have to do. So if this is a problem, the hint system may have you advancing the plot more quickly, if you don't like being stuck with the puzzle part.

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The action part is absent or badly done, but this shouldn't bother you, because this is not this style of game. Marty could move a bit better though, it is a bit annoying to move around with him, but since this isn't an action game, this shouldn't be a big problem. Story is not as tight as a movie, but it is good enough, you will be positive surprised with it IMO. Voice acting is superb, much of the original cast is here, including Doc (Christopher Lloyd), Claudia Wells (Jenniffer), Tom Wilson (in the console version) and many others. The actors not present here are replaced by great voice actors, just imitating the original voices really well. The voice actor for Marty is superb and it does the Michael J. Fox role really well.

I love the art style here, it reminds me a comic book in some sense. Some parts are a bit empty or with lack of detail, but they really nail it when it refers to the BTTF stuff. The Delorean, the flux capacitor, all the movie canon is very well done here, not getting too far from what you see in the movies. It is 10 yo game though, so the graphics show a bit, but it is still really good (yet a bit simple by today standards).

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To be really honest, this game put some tears in my face a few years ago. I was always a big BTTF fan, and this is me getting back to the movies. It hits the nostalgia notes really hard, so if you are this kind of person (like me), you will just love it. And it is a must for the movie fans.

I'm not sure how this game could be played today, since you can't find it in Steam or online shops anymore (I guess; didn't have a deep research about it). But if you find a physical copy anywhere, give it a try. Maybe not a good game for people who don't care about Back to the Future, but if you love the movies like me, I think you will enjoy it a lot.


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