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Bad Habits That Ruined Games For Me

Content of the article: "Bad Habits That Ruined Games For Me"

I grew up with a horrible fear of failure, so if you're like me, please heed my advice.

This fear pushed me to either do something perfectly, or not at all. It didn't matter if it was academics, work, or gaming. If I did it, I had to be sure I wouldn't mess it up. So when I picked up XCOM 2, and fell in love with every member of my team, my anxiety rose to match. Every time a character died, which was a lot, I would restart the whole mission. Save scumming right before a character's death was too cheap in my eyes, that's why I chose to redo the whole battle instead.

This made the game drag on dreadfully long. By the time I beat it, I was just happy I didn't have to restart anymore. XCOM 2 was incredibly fun and unique, but the way I played it changed it into a daily chore. Please don't do what I did, learn to let go of characters and learn from mistakes, don't avoid them.

I never did go back to XCOM, but I want to eventually because I think I'm ready. Don't Starve taught me to let go and enjoy the process and not just the outcome. The way I struggled to make any progress just to die brutally from the smallest mistake, losing absolutely everything in the process, really wore me down. I didn't understand how people could love a game that was so horribly unforgiving.

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Eventually I decided to stop caring about making progress, it was all gonna vanish anyways. Little did I know that's exactly what I needed to do. I began to play how I wanted, doing things I found fun even if they worsened my chances at survival. Losing no longer had any power over me because I didn't care how much stuff I had or how long I survived, simply playing the game was fulfilling. I'd finally understood that failing wasn't so bad after all.

If you're like me, don't be afraid to fail, don't be afraid to let go. Just do the best you can and let it be.

If you want to go more in-depth you'll find me discussing my experience in more detail here.


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