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Battlechasers: Nightwar – A strong start that doesn’t long.

Content of the article: "Battlechasers: Nightwar – A strong start that doesn’t long."

Finished BC:N after about 40 hours.

The artwork, character designs, and dungeons have a phenomenal look to them. Really ambient for each location.

Combat was great and each battle required some thought, even when normally grinding. I really liked the design of the combat, using over charge instead of mana, playing off of each of your party members.

I liked having an over world map to explore with set locations. The town and NPCs started off interesting to talk to but very quickly when using the "Lets Chat" option, did everyone not give a shit about me. It kind of kills momentum very early on.

At first you get tasks and quests to do to help them out but after that, they don't care who you are or what you're accomplishing.

Music, or lack thereof was seriously dampening the exploring and made fighting feel dull. This is probably one of the bigger gripes I had that I felt brought the game down. Its very monotone and chill.

There were plenty of difficulty spikes, almost too many. It almost felt like every time I was progressing, I was also setting myself back in a way. A little bit of grinding and gear upgrades would get you to squeak by, and then after levels it felt like you could hold your own.

There is no shared xp gains, so party members that are sidelined get nothing. This does nothing but pad out the grinding time required to bring them up to speed. They do get a boost in xp until caught up, but good luck having them be useful in combat until they do. This meant that you pretty much had to use 2 current level members just to level one other up. It was time consuming. Doable, but time consuming.

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I really like game systems where you can allocate points into perks, and this game provides a lot of them. It makes for some good character customization and synergies. My ending party ended up being Calibretto (who feels OP the entire game), Alumon, and Garrison. While this party didn't play off each other super well, it definitely got the job done. Knolan felt useless the entire game. I couldn't find a way to make him worth it besides his level 3 burst ability. He was out-shined by any other party member.

40 hours was just enough for this game. I was nearing boredom by the end. Everything felt the same and taking out the bosses didn't feel like I was attributing to much.

The ending was a slap in the face, unless it changes after New Game+? I don't plan on going through it again.

I'd love to see a sequel with some upgrades to a few things. Worth $8? Yes. Recommend? Eh, maybe. I don't regret my time, but I wouldn't race out to tell you to buy this game and play it. If you're in the mood for a turn-based RPG you havent tried before, go for it.


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