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Battlefield 1, an incredibly immersive multiplayer experience.

Content of the article: "Battlefield 1, an incredibly immersive multiplayer experience."

To preface this post, I purchased an Xbox Series X during it's launch month after not having a PS3/X360 or a PS4/Xbone. This meant that I missed an incredible amount of titles but the good thing is that I get to play most of those generations titles in their best possible condition be it visually or performance-wise. As such I decided to pick up Battlefield 1 as I enjoyed playing at my friend's house a couple years ago. These are my impressions

Upon booting up the game you're immediately given a taste of what this game is all about with the game's first intro cutscene. You enter a WW1 battle and you're warned that you are not expected to survive as you try your best to hold down a position on the battlefield. The first thing that blew me away was how this game holds up so many years after it's release. The Effects and lighting are simply insane to look at and truly throw you right into the experience. After failing to hold the point and survive the game brings it's message forward. WW1 was a war that had real people fighting in it, not mindless drones and a lot of those people had stories. That serves as the introduction to the Single Player aspect of the game called War Stories. As seen by the title of this post I will not be talking about that.

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After completing that brief intro segment you are now able to jump into the multiplayer. I went straight for the gamemode Operations. Operations essentially connects maps together to form one large map that's separated into zones with one team of 32 players defending these zones and the other 32 players attacking the aforementioned zones. Upon the attacking team's successful capture of all control points within a zone, the defenders will retreat upwards into their territory and the attackers can push forward.

This gamemode feels like an all-out war from the visuals, to the voice acting spewing from each soldier on the battlefield. Running around and trying secure objectives has never been more immersive or intense for me. The audio design on display by DICE is immaculate with a good pair of headphones and Dolby Atmos going you feel like you're there in the moment. The gunplay is also hefty and solid with an almost perfect time-to-kill. Words alone cannot describe how incredible an experience I'd had particularly on the Kaiserschlat Operation. If you have Xbox Game Pass or EA Play load up the game and give it a go and if you don't have those services just get the game when it's on sale.

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