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Battlefield 4 is the multiplayer FPS I was looking for…

First of all, I don't consider myself really an FPS player I'm more of an action RPG type of person but it's been a couple of years now that FPSs became interesting to me. I still slowly playing some varied types but the main PvP FPS that I played are:

  • Overwatch

  • Apex Legends

  • Valorant

  • Rainbow 6 Siege

(My favorites are the first two)


Now here's a comparison that may upset some. Battlefield 4 is like R6 Siege but fun. I put around 150hrs in R6 and the game is too stressful for me and I'm not even talking about the general toxicity in competitive games. Love the gunplay but all the waiting for the 30 sec fight wasn't for me. Including the drone phase that I hate and learning the game/maps was painful plus you need to learn the "spots" if you know what I mean


Battlefield 4 in another hand you just join a server and start to fight, and there's plenty yet up 24/7. I even found some just to complete assignments to unlock weapons.

The game is beautiful (2013) and in my eyes still hold on to these days, there are tons of maps and I'm not really sure how to explain but it feels good to be there. The main difference that you already noticed from the games I played is the large-scale battle. This comparison may sound weird but I just had battles like that playing Guild Wars 2 WvW (World vs World but that are actually 3 servers fighting each other in the same map)

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Even if the actual fight isn't your thing you can join and be the intel and scout for the team, counter the enemy forces, drive whatever you want from motorcycle to airplanes and there are what I would call, Battlefield 4 moments where people do crazy stuff in vehicles, interactive maps that change according to the battles even the weather sometimes (Paracel Storm, beautiful work there). Hold a point until reinforcements come, saving your teammates and fight along with them against invaders.


You just join and do your thing to help your team win. Man, I'm having a blast there didn't stop play since I bought it on the last sale, I wish I had played BF4 before but maybe I wouldn't see it in the same way as today.

I didn't play the others but what caught my eyes in BF4 is the modern theme, the World War didn't interest me that much. Also, people are talking about BF6 that I will keep an eye on for sure

So yeah.. I highly recommend Battlefield 4

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